Takes Time

when all this began 7/8/2009,which happened to be ny birthday; i had a blood clot behind my right knee so they had to amputate my right leg above the knee. they said because of my past experirnce i'd be walking in 3 weeks once i got my leg, well i got my c-leg and here we go. they put me in a rehab center(another name for a nurseing home)3 weeks pass nothing]give us 3 more weeks nothing; give us 3 more weeks i told then on monday of the third week that i was goeing home friday.

well friday came and the girl comes to get me for therophy i said what are you doeing today is friday i'm goeing home t got out of the bed to my wheel chair an out i went down to the hall to the backdoor with her running brhind out the door my friends were there with my car ans the doors opqn i got in shut the door and off or escape we went home HOME

HOME OH! HAPPY HOME I CAN DO ANYTHING I WANTsmoke etc. without haveing somebody telling me what to do] after six months i was way down in the dumps. asked the man who made my prosthetic i not the only one can you give me the name and phone number of another person in my situation that i could contact for support NOTHING; i contacted the company that makes c- leg NOTHING.

finally i got on the internet and found some guy in Alabama; called him; how long was it before you learned to walk? 4 years; i was the happiest man on earth. i'm not a religious person but i turned everything over to GOD and i figure i'll be able to walk when he tells me i can; in the nean time i'll stay home smoke my cigarettes,read my books, watch tv ad learn how to operate this damn computer

by the way twice a week i'll take a taxi to Amvets club a drink beer do't forget the cigarettes
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It might be hard to learn how to walk but when you can, you gain so much independence, so don't give up and practice everyday.