i dont wear it all the time, but i have a simple hook and cable prosthetic.  i once had a myoelectric, it was nicer 2 look at, but had problems.  the hook and cable pros is not as nice 2 look at, but is more durable and a lot less maintenance.

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how long did it take to get used to wearing an hook prosthesis. I am an arm amputee pretender an thinking of getting below the elbow for my left arm.

I prefer an ETD, Electronic Terminal Device, as i'M A SHOULDER AMPUTEE (OPS!!)and didn't have much grip strength or enough with as many bands as IUA could open and not enough with the nickle two-stage that had two positions with a covered spring. The ETD is water resistant, can wash dished and the most useful for me.<br />
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Thought of a very light weight filled skin cover (including hand) for cosmetic wear when dating people for the first time in the 105-113 degree TX heat!

is it new 2 u, r u still trying 2 get used 2 it?

i have a prosteticish legish thing and it is realy hard to keep my balence on

it really didnt take long 2 get used 2 using them, it took longer 2 get used 2 wearing them.

Well did i take any time to get used to?