Prurigo Is Hard But Can Be Beat

My name is calvina and i have had prurigo for 4 years I did not understand what caused it still do not had preaty skin I just know once i got threw cutting my grass i had a rash that itched really bad went to the doctor and one just kept thowing me to the other until I got covered up with marks all over my body I have taken a lot of steroids to help none worked but now i am with the derm i started off with 4 years ago and he really cares so i get steroid injections in each mark every week and it have been helping a lot and light treatment every week also taking thalidimide it always make me not feel good and tired but it is helping working wonders actually so hang in there and i hope this helps so were i am at now is trying to figure out how to get rid of the marks without scarring myself some more i am praying for everyone out there to make it that is suffering.
calvinat calvinat
May 5, 2012