Prurigo Noduralis

hello i have this really bad skin disease ,i never try something so iching as this and in Denmark the support to this is nothing ,i never felt so desperate talking to a doctor and she just stay there looking at me.
It start for 1 year ago and more and more each day.

i FEEL DESPERATE , i try the tablet the cream but nothing help
any good advice?
Kind regards
smadsen smadsen
3 Responses Nov 28, 2012

Many dermatologists believe that the scratch/ itch cycle is brought on by the person who is suffering. My bumps "appear" where I have not scratched. I'm now on Gabapentin, which makes me drowsy. Have you tried oatmeal or sea salt baths? It is ironic that sun and salt water improve the condition; the problem is I don't want anyone to see me in a bathing suit, so, unless I get enough money to purchase a private island, I don't know what to do.

Well I have had it for 5 years already. I Just this last wednesday went on minocycline. I have tried numerous things some help for two weeks and then it comes back. I have it on my legs, arms, back, head and top of my butt crack. Its annoying. I also am a mrsa carrier. If anyone can let me know what works it would be greatly appreciated.


Hey, try changing your diet. i made a list of foods that were causing my nodules to flare up and i try to avoid those foods. Mainly you will have to cut down on wheat based products and that should stop the new bumps. For the bumps you have now, you will need to get them injected with steroid shots.