My Pn Story

it started when i was a kid... maybe 5 years old. im seventeen now, but sadly, pn is something i would be bringing my entire life.

living with pn is very difficult and painful. it sucks to feel the physical pain. but the thing is, it is worse to not have yourself some normalcy in life. i really know how it feels to become VERY INSECURE. up until now, i always WISH to become normal. but then, it really is stupid coz i know it will only be a wish. it will never come true.

i worked hard... i studied hard since i was a kid. i never told my parents that the reason i did this was that they would realise i was such in deep pain and they would eventually help. but they did not. i graduated with honors in elementary and prep school but then, my folks never even suggested going to a doctor or a dermatologist. it was so hard. it felt like i became an adult at such a very young age.

in high school, i got the courage to finally tell my parents about my desire to get treated. but they didnt listen. my familt has problems but i cant say we were that poor. i told my grandparents about my problem and they were the ones who told my parents about how terrible my condition was. my grandpa said, "why are you not taking him to a doctor? i never failed to bring you to a doctor when you were still a child." that put some guilt into my parents and they eventually took me to a dermatologist. i cant express how disappointed i was about my folks.

im in college now, studying at a state nui here in the philippines. pn is gone but the scars arent. they are just so plenty. it is like, i cant get out from this living hell.

i must admit im suicidal. i never stop thinking about how to end up my life. im broke so my chances of getting treatment is slim to none.

im always looking forward to the day when i would eventually be happy. but it seems that it wont come.
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