Pash Is Back-bilateral Mastectomy

I had a surgery 2 weeks ago to removed masses from both breasts. It showed pash is back in my left breast and now I have it in my right breast as well. Has anyone heard about it being in both breasts??? My mind is blown by all the information I've been having to take in.  My doctor says the only treatment is a bilateral mastectomy. Anyone has a similar situation?? Thanks
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I HAVE read that for masses that were either bilateral, large or multiple that mastectomy was the only treatment. I have a Left sided PASH that has gone from 0 to 8mm in 3 1/2 mos (incidental finding while Ultrasounding for something else)...and then from 8mm to 1.6cm in another 2mos...The plan was to 'biopsy' it out...but at 1.6cm is now too large for that. It will be surgically removed...BUT here's MY question....the original reason I had an ultrasound was a sizeable purple mark the size of a quarter + that lasted for 8 weeks and is still unanswered for. The radiologist said yesterday as he was recommending the surgical removal that 'sometimes these PASH tumors are associated with Cancers we don't know we have yet" THIS IS MY CONCERN. I would rather have that mastectomy than wait for this 'unknown CA to show up'. I realize this is crazy aggressive, BUT? anyone else hear of PASH being associated with CANCER unidentified yet?

Yes actually, I just had a double mastectomy in March of 2012 due to very agressive, reoccurring pash in BOTH breasts. Have you gone through the surgery yet?

I would certainly want a second opinion. That is the first time I have heard as that as an option. Maybe a lumpectomy....

I too had PASH and a bilateral Mastectomy with reconstruction. I had 6 lumps. The largest was 6 cm. It doubled in size in a 8 month period. I took Clomid for 5 cycles. My first lump was found 1 month after my last dose. Did anyone elese take fertility drugs, such as clomid, prior to their diagnosis?

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Sorry to hear about your recurrence and surgery. I just had a 1.7cm surgically removed from my right breast. I've been so anxious because the coring needle biopsy result was atypical ductal hyperplasia. I have a noticeable loss of volume of my breast and worry that it will come back.<br />
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I hope you are doing well and recovering from your surgery.<br />
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Yes, I also have an extreme case and am having bilateral with reconstruction next month in two step(2 surgery process)

I am sorry to hear...<br />
How big were your masses??? What happens after? I was just diagnosed and have so many questions. Do they know why more have come to surface in such a short time? Is reconstructive surgery needed to?