My Life With Pash

I was diagnosed with PASH in 2007.  It has taken 2 years for me pluck up the courage to ask questions and look for other people with this to talk to.  I am still coming to terms with the uncertainty of not knowing how this will affect my future.  I enjoy life and this has made me change my whole outlook.  I now live by the motto 'live for today'.  Has anyone else had these feelings and how have you coped????  Look forward to hearing from you.

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My best friend was diagnosed with PASH, when they did a biopsy they ruptured the tumor and it has now spread all over her body. She is having tumors in her breast, her under arm, on her back and on her head. She has become infertile, she is loosing weight quickly and is just becoming more and more fatigue. She has all the symptoms of Cancer but her blood work is not showing what type of cancer, or what is causing it...has anyone heard of anything like this? She is going to the Mayo clinic for 10 days to figure out what this ugly monster is. If anyone has ever heard of anything like this please reply.

I have recently been diagnosed with this also. I just found this group and read your story about your friend. I want to know what has happened since?

I had a core biopsy and was diagnosed with pash, but the biopsy result showed it as a benign mass, so why does my doctor suggest it be removed? It is slightly sore at times and there is not much information about this condition.

Have you found any information? I am in the same situation and just wondering.

I was diagnosed with PASH about a year ago but my surgeon isn't going to remove the lump which is about the size of a cream egg he says this is because of the position it is in my chest to my heart and the removal would be a major operation so he his going to leave it there. Recently I went to my nurse for a routene check up and asked her about it has I thought it has grown she told me that the surgeon had left it in there to see how it reacted to my HRT as I had a total hysterectomy 5 years ago with removal of my ovaries at the age of 32 I just felt like a guinea pig she also told me that it is in a bad place to attempt to remove it so what to believe anyone else in same position.

What ever happened with that? I have heard that HRT can cause PASH. I was on clomid, a fertility drug that effects hormones prior to my diagnosis.

In Feb of 2010 I was diagnosed with atypical ductal hyperplasia. I had a mammatome removal (where they remove the mass through a needle) in Feb. I have had a normal mammogram in may of that year. Then, in December, I felt another lump. I just went in to the doctor last week and I was diagnosed with PASH. I have decided to get the surgery (different from the needle excision) to have the lump removed. I is around the size of a small lime. It isn't horribly painful, but definitely tender. I am getting the surgery next month. As with you, allytommyroxy, I am a bit scared. But don't be scared, PASH is normally non-cancerous. Better safe than sorry with the biopsy. Good luck to you.

How were you diagnosed with PASH? Did they tell you it may be something different at first? My doctor just told me he suspects PASH but I am going for a diagnostic mammo and sono tomorrow. They said a needle biopsy might be needed. Any info would be greatly welcomed, I am TERRIFIED!!

Hi, I was diagosed with PASH in the beginning of this year. I had a huge mass. I think the size of an egg, in my left breast. On August 27th of this year they removed it. Phew. I know it can be scary, if you need someone to talk to you can always email me.