The Drs Think I Have Ptc

Hellow my name is sheila i am 28 no kids and married to a wonderfull man.
about 3 weeks ago i started getting head aches and lights flashing in my eyes my rt eye was getting foggy i was scared so i went to the er where they did a ct scan and said i had sinusitus gave me antibiotics and nasal spray and sent me home after a week my eye was getting worse so i went to an optomitrist he sai my vision was 20 21 and was good but i needed to see someone rightaway because my optic nerves were swolen. i asked what this could mean he said mabey a brain tumor... i fealt so scared and i was so terified i thought my life was over i saw my mom,dad and my husband who i love so much at my funeral i was so scared i called my husband to come from work i told him and he said id be ok i told him i still want more time with you i dont want to leave you now we just got married not even a year ago. so anyway i went to see my dr and she referd me to to an optomologyst and he did some tests and now i gotts go see a nerologyst but the optomologyst said he thinks i have ptc not shure but thats what he thinks. my vivion is gettong worse in my rt eye i can hardly see out of it im still scared but not so terified now. but its nice to know your not alone and others that have went thorugh this can help those who are in the dark about this .
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Aug 17, 2011