I Was Diagnosed In Feb. 2011 With Ptc

I was diagnosed in feb. of 2011. I got sick real quick. I had had issues for some time but the doctor told me that nothing was wrong and wanted to put me on anti- depressants. She never believed me when I said something was wrong. Well we moved and shortly after being in our new home I was in our spa and got a headache which would eventually change my life. I lost all vision and was in the hospital on lots of meds and spinal taps. My fluid level was at a 45. I got on meds right away. I was so sick after that and my head hurt so bad. I was taking 12 pills a day. I did not like it. A year into it, i thought I am not getting better. I had a friend recommend a product and said I want you to try it. I said no and left it alone. After her nagging(which I am now grateful for) I decided to try it. What do i have to lose nothing really. Well it was the beginning of an amazing journey. Only someone who has PTC knows what it feels like. How much pain your in and how hopeless you feel. Well it was hard to lose weight when you don't feel good. You have to watch all food you eat because they can be triggers. So anyhow, I started this product which I will explain in a bit. The first 3 weeks doing it, my headache was gone. I had lost 36lbs and was feeling better. My Neuro doc was happy and wanted to take me down a pill. I was taking Diamox 1000mg a day. 4 pills at 250mg. I said ok. Next app, same thing we need to drop another pill. Every time I went in, it was the same thing. Two days ago was 6 months on this product and yesterday was my Neuro app. He said everything was great. I get to go off all medicine. I have lost 62lbs, and feel amazing. I told my doctor what I was doing and I am so very pleased to say that he is now looking into it as a treatment for hos patients. I have now decided to work with people with PTC so that I can help them have a story like mine. We are all different and we all have different symptoms. However, I have been through this. I know what  it's like and I know that I have to do something to help others. I will spend the rest of my life helping people get their life back. My doctor and nurses, said that I am a completely different person from when they first saw me. I said yes I am because, I feel great. I am not creating this to sell a product. I want everyone know that there is something out there that can help you. If you knew of something that could potentially change someone's life wouldn't you want to share? I wish and hope all of you pain free and healthy lives. I ask for you to see my web page and contact me if you choose. As long as I can make you aware of this then I have done my job. I have started my 3rd Challenge as of 4 days ago. I have 38lbs to go to hit my 100lb goal. I would love for you to join with me, because I truely understand what you are going through. I also have samples. I pay nothing anymore and I get healthy for free. Check out my webpage and this will all make sense. ( Just to let you know that for 5 months on this I never told a soul, because I did not want to promote something I did not know about.) www.jamiefonbuena.bodybyvi.com  My phone number is 707-673-6889.  There is a 30 day money back guarantee. So if you are worried that this won't work or are nervous about it, try it, I promise you that it will change your life.  Jamie.
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I forgot to mention a few things. I am 32 now. My visions is 100% back. Even some of my permanent damage that was done to my eyes has improved, the doctor does not even know how thats happening. I also never have heard of PTC until I was diagnosed.