Having Pseudotumor Cerebri

I was diagnosed with pseudotumor cerebri & optic nerve swelling in June of this year. I am currently on Diamox, 1000MG a day. So far my headaches are gone but I still feel nauseous all the time.
I started having really bad headaches around the age of 15, which I then started seeing a neurologist, who told me I had complex migraines. I was on medication but stopped taking them because I wasn't getting any relief. The symptoms I experienced were sensitivity to light & sound, so I would just lay down and sleep whenever I had the headaches.
I would say as I got older, my headaches got worse. Being in college with these headaches was horrible because I wasn't able to focus and apply myself. I missed 2-3 days a week; the same thing happened when it came to work. I lost 2 jobs due to my condition.
People who don't go through this, don't know how hard it is. It got to the point where I couldn't even smile or laugh because I felt like someone was pounding on my head constantly and was very sensitive to light & sound. The sad thing is when you're told you have migraines, most emergency rooms don't have anything for that, so you get sent home still in pain. My headaches lasted for almost a month straight before I was able to see a new neurologist. When I had the lumbar puncture, the pressure inside my skull was 33, very high.
The good thing is that I'm able to laugh and smile again. So far my vision is still good and I'm thankful for that as well. The small things mean a lot & make a huge difference. I thank God for my family & friends who have been there for me because it was rough having to deal with this and go through all of the procedures.
LoyaLCouture LoyaLCouture
Sep 16, 2012