Bad Headaches

I have pseudo tumor cerebri since 1995 and still suffering. I was on Diamox since 3 months ago and it stop working. and now Doctor keep messing with my meds and nothing is helping. Last LP was 8 yrs ago and they dont want to do an LP on me. I just want help. They want me to go to pain managment. I hope it works. I found this site cause I feel alone and I dont want to be anymore.
nkotb82 nkotb82
26-30, F
1 Response Nov 28, 2012

I'm sorry.. I have it too.. But the best thing is to pray. When I got diagnosed 5months ago I was scared out of my mind and I thought I was dying.. But I have been praying since, took myself of Diamox because it would cause me weird and painful side effects.. And I have to say praying did me more justice, then Diamox!