Pseudotumor Cerebri

I was diagnosed with this condition just 5 months ago. I struggled with it for a while, and there felt as if there was no end to my suffering. I had headaches blurred vision and neck pain that just wouldn't go away. After about a month of taking the medication Acetazolamide I started feeling a lot better. I even lost 25 pounds, which I think contributed to the condition turning to the positive for me. I just went to the doctor yesterday, and found out that it's basically gone. There was nothing behind my eyes. No pressure, and I was finally back in the normal range. I praise GOD!! He is the only one who did this for me. I just want to say keep praying about it, and doing the best you can to endure the situation and you will always come out on top. I feel as though it was my faith that ended the suffering for me. It usually takes 6 months to heal, but it took only months for me. I hope this story helps anyone with this condition. You can and will get through it!! Just have faith, and hold on sunshine is always around the corner.
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1 Response Jan 17, 2013

thanks for posting. its hard to lose the weight when the Diamox makes you so outta breath and workouts give you headaches...I don't know how im gunna lose it. im watching what I eat but that only works so much. this is so hard and I just wanna die most days.Im terrified the Diamox wont work after a while and ill need shunt surgery. I just feel super hopeless.