Hi I had no idea what I was going through it was a mess one day I woke up with pain in my neck so I said okay let me take a  motrin it worked but the pain kept coming back so one day I wake up my head is swelling and my neck is throbbing with pain I think it's my muscles so I get Ben gay Mrs fix it right that works for a little then  2 days later my eyes started to go blurry it would come and go then  3 days later one of my eyes crossed I said something really wrong now never been sick in my life with maybe the common cold but not this I run to the emergency room take MRI nothing Cat Scan nothing till I go to see the Neurologist and he tell me you have to get admitted you have Psuedo-Tumor I said what  if you don't stay you will become blind So I stay not knowing how bad the Spinal Tap would be I had to have 2 Spinal Tap was in the hospital for 3 days and now I  have to take medicine for the rest of my life. I still see blurry vision but it comes and go and I get headache every now and then Should I be worried I went to appointments but stop going after I was prescribed pills and symptoms were going   can anyone help should I go back to the doctor being as I have blurry vision once in a while and headaches. Thank you for letting me share my story


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1 Response Feb 19, 2009

It sounds like you have a very bad case of PTC! I think you definatley SHOULD be going to the doctor regularly. This condition can change and progress very quickly and it is critical that a doctor is monitoring your progress, especially if you are stil having such bad symptoms. Doing a regular Visual Field test is very important because you can be losing vision and not even know it...and depening on how long it can be permanent. I would definatly call your doctor and follow up! Good luck!