It Feels Hard To Make A Sense Of What Happened In My Life.

I am now 49, and my psoriasis started to manifest full blown 9 years ago. Yes, full blown, because I have been experiencing scaly traces on my eyebrows, side of my nose, and itchy buttocks six years prior. It was terrible. It all happened when i was having difficulty in my marriage that culminated in separation from my wife and kids.

That experience was unbearable enough but the outset of my psoriasis was a shock wave that had me bewildered and crying all the time. I couldn't bear to look at myself in the mirror, it was so unexpected since i never bothered to research psoriasis at the time when there was really negligible symptom. But when it showed itself all over my body, i was horrified. I lost my job, and i only rely on the help of my sister. Worst my children still needs my support which i cannot give. Now I am about 80 percent covered and have very little hope that things will improve.

For the first time, i am beginning to appreciate death over life. Had it not for my children, and deep religious belief, I think death could be the sweetest thing that could happen to a desperate man like me.
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Often wonder how much of a connection there is with our intestinal tract and our body's excreting toxins in the form of psoriasis. What I have found to help is to cleanse the colon. I haven't done anything too drastic but found cheap ol prune juice to do the job. Try changing your diet. You have so much to offer this world and especially your children! Remember it is just your skin ( I keep telling myself that) . Depression is pretty common in us sufferers, so focus on stopping yourself from getting too deep into self thought or pity, beat the blue away! Some where, some way we ARE going to find a natural, healthy and inexpensive cure to this insanity we live with. Peace Brother