Psoriasis=lonely Little Girl

i have  had psoriasis ever since i was a baby. ... under my fingernails, my scalp, back, neck, legs, arms, get the point. anyway, i was just starting middle school when it got to be a huge problem and medical condition for me. i would see the best doc's intown for help and i'd get shots, buy over the counter drugs like tsal, tar, tgel... things like that but never helped. i would have to wear a bandana to school from me losing my hair and the thick yellow scabs i'd have to hide. i got made fun of and looked like the only freak in school that was allowed to wear a hat or bandana. i would come home from school, go straight to the bathroom, and pick at my head with chunks of my hair coming out with it while it bled... my mother said i needed to let my head breathe so i needed to remove the bandana... i cried! i didnt want anyone to see what it looked like and the simple fact that ididnt have friends because i was different and quiet and the one that was always made fun of. UNTIL one day... my cousin told me that her and her church prayed for me and i tried a new oil remedy on my head and within 2  days all the pain i experienced before was not somuch.. i healed as my psoriasis cleared up. i thank god for this! prayers will change your life!! try it!
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may I ask what the oil was ?? my 39 yr. old son has it bad just about allll over his body :(:( is it something he or I can buy across the counter or what ?? helpppppp .

that's really great, i was so sad reading your story at first, and now i'm really happy for you, and i'm curing too :) God Bless You

Thanks for the hope!

im not sure what the name was now..ill see if i can find an old bottle and ill let you know!

What was the oil???

im so pleased you found something to help x

thank you =]