Out of Nowhere

It started manifesting when I was very little, around 3, so I don't know what caused it to appear at me. Also, in my family there are no antecedents of this skin disease.

It is rather annoying. Even if a lot of time I don't mind it, because if I treat it I don't even feel it, people look oddly at me. They usually ask me if I got hit, and I say no, I have an incurable skin disease. The first thing they assume is that it's contagious so they ask me, looking very worried... next thing you know is that they'll check themselves to see if they got spots on them. Although, people who have known me for a long time don't mind it (not that they remember I even have it, every time they see it they ask me if I got hit).

Oh well. I almost lost a school year (2nd grade) because I travelled a lot to see doctors, who claimed they might cure it. I wasn't really interested, but after a year in which I had to keep a strict diet and schedule, it disappeared for a little while, only to appear again. My mother decided that this isn't worth it, so we stopped seeing doctors.

It appears as large patches on my knees and elbows. A few years ago it started appearing on my head, and it's really itchy, and that's why my hair gets dirty easily.

Of course I still have it years after. Most people don't know it. I've missed ocassions for modelling, because why would they accept a girl that has those things on her? Nah, I'm not angry about it, I don't see a future in that anyway.

Lately it has been growing larger on my elbows and it hurts everywhere I have it (I can't even stand on my elbows/knees). I guess I should try treating it again, even if the pharmaceutical creme (or anything else) I have to use freakin burns on those spots..
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