I Have Plaque Psoriasis

Well, I am 24 years old, I never had psoriasis until i was about 20 or 21.  My mother has it , but has ever had it as bad as I do.  I have it on my hands, legs, and feet.  People look at me as if they are going to catch some kind of diease from me.  I work in an assisted living facility and when the families come in they are afraid to even shake my hand.  I feel disgusting..my husband tells me I am beautiful everyday, but that doesn't make the pain of knowing how ugly this makes me feel go away. 
Sometimes the pain is unbearable...I can't use good smelling lotions or soaps because it burns too bad. Can't wear anything black or made of rubber like my favorite pair of shoes.  The steroids they had me on caused me to become a Type 2 diabetic and now i have to take oral meds for that.  I just  feel so alone in this, because no one really knows what myself and others with this disease go through on a daily basis.  I have tried just about everything from tanning to using coal tar...i just don't understand how this uncontrolable pest can make me feel so down in the dumps on a daily basis.
It's not like i can afford medical treatment to help with the flare ups.  It's really awful.  I have medical insurance through my work, but they don't cover dermatologist..crazy I know the one thing I need it for.
I just wish I could get over this and quit being so embarrassed, but its gross. i wouldn't want anyone to have to look at me in a pair of shorts with my legs all broke out, or even have them looking at my hands, but I can't hide those in the middle of the summer.
Thanks everyone for reading my pity story...Just had to throw some feelings out there.
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You first need to ask your doctor about Methotrexate. It's a pill. If that doesn't work for you, you need to try Enbrel. If that doesn't work, you need Remicade Infusion treatments. I have suffered with it for years, and this is the only medication that works. Also, stay away from high acid foods, red meat and dairy. No citrus, and that includes strawberries and tomatoes. Eat wild salmon as often as possible, and only use almond milk. Blueberries are the safest berries to eat. Use Cerave to moisten your skin. It's unscented, and was created by dermatologists. You can get it at Walmarts, but it's not cheap, $14 a jar. Also, you need to relax. Stress can make it worse too. Do a colon cleansing. Buy a bottle of it at Walmarts also. Stay away from fried foods also.

You do not have to go to a dermatologist to treat this, a family practitioner is fine, just do alittle research with the treatments out there and discuss with them. But honestly I think this can be cured from diet, I believe in the leaky gut syndrome, research psoriasis and diet and buy apple cider vinegar. Psoriasis is an inside problem not just skin.

Hey, I'm Ahmed and I'm from EgyptI read your story and I don't think that you have that much, I have known people who had it everywhere their hands, legs, arms, head and even in private parts. Cortisones dont help at all trust me I'm affected with psoriasis they actually get it worse.Google Psoriasis Egypt safaga<br />
It's a cure, as all you do is going in the water then sit in the sun, as the salt in the water is of high percentage which helps in treating psoriasis, I'm actually there right now, and saw people with great improvement<br />
Well, I told you everything and hope that it helps

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I found this post because I am feeling the same way. I am 26 and have had psoriasis since I was about 21 years old. I google images of psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis and I always regret it afterwards. I guess I'm hoping I will find someone who has figured it all out and knows how to treat this, but instead I see horrible disfigurement and mutilations. I have swelling in two of my fingers and I'm fearing it is psoriatic arthritis, and hoping I'll figure out that it is something else. <br />
<br />
Stay strong. I know it feels like we've tried everything, but there are a lot of us out there, and they are trying to figure out something to treat this with that will finally cure it. Know that you are beautiful regardless of how flakey or patchy your skin is looking. I've found that wearing sheer shirts keeps the flakes from being noticeable... they just glide off of the shirt instead of staying on the shoulders like a cartoon arrow pointing to my scalp psoriasis. <br />
<br />
I've seen other forums saying that sunlight is the best, and I'd have to agree. i have had some of the best results from sunbathing. I've also heard about some of the diets mentioned below. I had a coworker with psoriasis that had some really great results from the alkaline diet. I also had an old man tell me that UV treatments will fix it in no time. Keep the spots hydrated with neosporin, baby oil, or vaseline so they loosen up. I feel the red patchy skin is less noticeable than the patchy white skin, so I like to try to loosen those up as much as I can. <br />
<br />
It is also linked to stress. I can attest to this. I have had my worst break outs at moments of increased stress in my life. Thinking about how bad psoriasis sucks will in essence make it worse. Try meditating, yoga, aromatherapy, or whatever you feel would relax you on a daily basis. Take a nice walk, listen to music, or do something that relieves the stress. <br />
<br />
I had a patch on each of my hands. One patch went away and I don't know how I did it, but it gave me hope that this can disappear someday. Good luck. Know that there are others fighting this battle with you.

Be careful of citrus foods and spicy foods and red meats, those foods also cause your body to build acidity. This sounds like a diet that was specifically created for her body type, and is ba<x>sed on the Ayurveda's. I would be cautious using it verbadum (sp.) I do hope you can find relief with diet, I have done it. I also use an oil called 777 oil which can be found on the internet. The oil with the diet has elminated my condition.

sorry for replying late but i haven't been online since last week, keep us updated with what's going on, and i really hope you're trying the diet, and hoping you're not facing difficulties with it, as it's very strict and demanding, on my part i got used to it, and it feels great, hope you'll feel the same too, and hope you're better now :) God Bless You

Thank you so much for this information. I will be trying it...whatever works is good for me. I am just tired of living with this. I will be posting results regularly. Again thank you.

oh no, you're not alone, i understand what you're going through as i had psoriasis on my right hand and fingers my elbows knees legs feet scalp and even neck, i couldn't shake hands, i used to say that i have burned my hand to escape embarrassment, good thing you have a supportive and loving husband, my girlfriend was not that supportive, and it really makes it worse, now how am i curing? well i have tried everything but oral medications (i'd rather have psoriasis), it seems unreal or crazy but this is the ONLY way to completely cure psoriasis, and i am curing, it's FOOD<br />
Dr J. Pagano cured ALL, and YES ALL of his patients with food, he never failed through 35-40 years of treating psoriasis with food he never failed, even with people having 99% of their body covered!! the proof? i'm starting to cure too...<br />
to see the results you have to be patient, as the treatment needs between 3-6 months to get you considerable results, the best record case being in one month, but it takes at least 3 months, i'm in my one month and a half of treatment and i'm seeing results, at least i'm 90% free of those in my right hand and fingers and i can shake hands again without being embarrassed, my psoriasis is better all around my body and i'm feeling great about what i'm doing, plus my health is at it's best now, my blood test results were unbelievably excellent, now the diet as prescribed by Dr. Pagano:<br />
<br />
<br />
70-80% of the diet should consist of such products as:<br />
<br />
Water: 6-8 glasses of pure water daily in addition to other liquids<br />
Lecithin (granulated): 1 Tbsp - 3 times a day, 5 days a week<br />
Fruits: fresh, frozen, steamed, rarely canned<br />
<br />
Recommended fruits are: apples (baked) apricots, most berries, cherries, dates, common fig, grapes, grapefruit, lemon, lime, mango, nectarine, orange, papaya, peaches, pineapples, prunes (small), raisins, and kiwi.<br />
<br />
In small quantities: Avocados, cranberry, currants, plums and prunes (large).<br />
<br />
Fresh apples, bananas and melons are also permitted, but they should be separated from another food and consumed not too often.<br />
Vegetables: fresh, frozen, steamed, rarely - canned<br />
<br />
Recommended vegetables are: asparagus, beetroot, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, carrots, celery, cucumber, garlic, lettuce, onions, olives, parsnip, pumpkins, spinach, sprouts, kidney beans, summer squashes, sweet potatoes, Chinese yam, watercress.<br />
<br />
In small quantities: corn, dry beans, peas, lentil, rhubarb, mushrooms.<br />
Nuts - almonds, rare - hazelnut.<br />
<br />
20-30% of the diet should consist of such products as:<br />
<br />
Cereals: oats, barley, millet, buckwheat, rye (porridges), bran, wheat - whole grains, sprouts, maize and maize flour; fig (brown and wild); whole grain seeds - pumpkin, sesame, sunflower, flax; pasta (not with white flour).<br />
Fish: not less than 4 times a week, never fried.<br />
<br />
Tuna, codfish, mackerel, plaice, haddock, halibut, perch, snapper, salmon, sardine, lemon sole, sturgeon, sword-fish, whitefish.<br />
Fowl: chicken, turkey, partridge, not fat game (without skin, white meat is more preferable), 2-3 times a week.<br />
Meat: lean mutton, isolated from fat and well done (1-2 times a week), and never fried, 110-170g per one time.<br />
Dairy products: milk (low-fat), buttermilk, dry powder milk, goat milk, soy milk, almond milk, butter, low-fat margarine, low-fat plain yogurt, low-fat and low-salt cheese, low-fat and low-salt cottage cheese and melted cheese.<br />
Eggs: soft-boiled or hard-boiled, 2-4 times a week.<br />
Oil: olive, rapeseed, sunflower, maize, cotton, soybean, almond, sesame, safflower, rare - sesame (1tea spoon 3 times a day).<br />
Tea: crust of slippery elm (in the morning), dyer's saffron (in the daytime and in the evening) Camomile tea, or tea with watermelon seeds as the substitute to safflower tea.<br />
Products, NOT Recommended by J. Pagano to People with Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis<br />
Berries and fruits: wild strawberries, strawberries (citrus fruits - with psoriatic arthritis).<br />
Vegetables: all vegetable of Solanaceae family - tomatoes, tobacco, eggplants, pepper, potatoes, pepper.<br />
Grains: White bread and products prepared with the use of white flour<br />
Fish: anchovies, herring, salmon, roe, shellfish (crabs, lobsters, shrimp), sauces from shellfish, mollusks (mussels, oysters, combs, squids), fish baked or crumbs, fried, marinated or smoked.<br />
Fowl: fatty fowl (weft, goose), fowl skin, fried, smoked, baked with a large number of spices or crumbs, or not thoroughly cooked.<br />
Meat: beef, pork, veal and everything, prepared from them: hamburgers, sausages, ham etc., internal meats (heart, kidney, brains, liver etc.), and mixing mutton with starchy products.<br />
Dairy products: all dairy products with a high content of fat<br />
Yeast or products made on yeast.<br />
Coffee: not more than 3 cups per a day (in the case of strong caffeine dependence), only black decaffeinated coffee.<br />
Other: fried food, pizza, alcohol, sweet porridges, vinegar, marinades, smoked foods, hot spices, coconut, palm oil.<br />
Some foods should not be combined in the same meal:<br />
Do NOT mix whole grains, i.e. porridges, bread etc. - with citrus fruits or dried fruits.<br />
Do NOT mix citrus fruits with dairy products.<br />
Do NOT mix any fruits with white flour products: bread, porridges, pasta etc.<br />
Do NOT mix melons, raw apples, or bananas with other foods.<br />
Do NOT add milk, cream or sugar into coffee or tea.<br />
Do NOT mix too many acid-forming products (proteins, starches, sugar, fats and oil) in one meal.<br />
Try not to eat too much even of the permitted products<br />
<br />
this was the diet prescribed by Dr J. Pagano<br />
now for other things i'm doing and that are helping me<br />
ACV, or Apple Cider Vinegar, is a known cure for psoriasis, two spoons of 15 ml each/day or 30-35 ml/day<br />
also put ACV in a spraying bottle, and spray from it on your scalp, face and neck where there's psoriasis, and you'll notice the itching is gone for at least few to several hours, after few weeks your scalp will feel way better. ACV is great and people who had psoriasis swear by ACV<br />
<br />
IMPORTANT : eliminate tomatoes and all products ba<x>sed on tomatoes(sauce ketchup... etc), potatoes, eggplants, bell peppers, all kinds of hot peppers (but not black pepper) , eliminate white flour, white bread, white rice, white pasta,<br />
eliminate all kinds of sugars, caffeine, cola, bottled juice, eliminate meat<br />
stop or avoid smoking, and even avoid cigarette smoke as it tends to make the itching worse, tobacco is part of the nightshade family (so is tomatoes potatoes eggplants, bell peppers, and all kinds of hot peppers) which are really bad for psoriasis migraine swelling and other deceases<br />
Drink pure water not less than 2 liters/day<br />
eat an onion and lots of garlic (EACH DAY)<br />
use cinnamon in cooking<br />
and eliminate all fried foods<br />
Drink grapefruit each morning and never add sugar (to anything in your diet)<br />
eat a lot of fruits and vegetables (the recommended ones and the ones to avoid are mentioned up top)<br />
Eat oats (full of fibers)<br />
take "brewers yeast" (very cheap and natural full of B-vitamins wonderful for the skin)<br />
<br />
This is a low-cost sure-to-cure diet<br />
I'm curing and feeling great<br />
hope you'll make this diet a part of your life knowing that it's really the only way to cure, as i've been a psoriasis patient since age 12.. i've nearly tried everything<br />
<br />
The concept is that we have a leak somewhere in our digestive system which is spreading poison in our body, and the poison is going out through our skin, the bigger the leak the more severe the psoriasis, it has nothing to do with our immunity, the presence of T-cells behind our skin is only to protect us from outside toxins, that's why oral medication doesn't help, so with a food system like the one Dr Pagano uses, the food we eat does not aggravate our leak but heals it, that's why we have to avoid some types of foods, and yes tomatoes and potatoes and other nightshade family members contain poison, but the poison can be treated by a normal person but in our case it just makes the leaking way worse, same thing to meat, sugars, butter, fats, chocolate, caffeine, alcohol, tobacco... etc (mentioned above)<br />
<br />
Good luck my friend and hope you'll be just fine and feeling great again, the diet is not as hard as it seems trust me, the first few days are hard, but our pride and commitment as psoriasis sufferers makes us enjoy the diet the way it is, and you have diabetes? well the diet also cures diabetes, migraines headaches swellings heart problems... etc please start TODAY it's better than tomorrow, and good luck with your cure :)

do you know the reason why dr j pagano put coconut in foods to be avoided by people with psoriasis? because there is another study that says Virgin coconut oil is good for P..my son is diagnosed with P and we're trying to put him on a diet since he's not responding to corticosteroid creams anymore.