I Had Psoriasis!

Hello everyone! I believe I had an interesting experience with psoriasis and was wondering if anyone else will find this story helpful.
I used to have psoriasis on my back, scalp and eyelids that was troublesome and caused hair loss, but was not super itchy and ugly. I was reading one day in a quack medical book and it said that people with psoriasis genetically have a very thin intestinal wall which allows some poisons in food (nightshades) to get into the blood stream where the skin then has to deal with it. Nightshades are a family of plants that includes tomatoes, potatoes, peppers (bell and chili), paprika, eggplant and more. I began to avoid these foods, though it wasn't easy. Cayenne (a type of chili pepper) was hidden in the sausage. Lycopene (derived from tomatoes) was hidden in my multivitamin. Pizza, Oh pizza! was cluttered with the stuff! French fries and ketchup, say it ain't so! But after 3 or 4 weeks, my psoriasis cleared up. Occasionally, I would eat something with nightshades in it, accidentally or not, and the next morning I'd see a patch of red itchy skin and have to be more careful for a week while it healed.
My psoriasis had vanished all right, but I sure missed the picante sauce on my morning eggs! One day I was tired of avoiding some of my favorite foods and with prayer from my Pentecostal church (www.bayrevival.org), I asked God to heal me of my psoriasis. I've eaten everything in sight since then and I've been psoriasis free for 2.5 months now! Thank You God!!!
I hope you will find encouragement in this!
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Who made a rude comment? Someone simply asked why a God would put psoriasis on people to begin with. He/She asked a logical question which you avoided by responding like an offended child. Tacky? I find it tacky to bring religion into the topic of "skin disorders". Innocent children are dying by the thousands daily because they don't even have water to drink, and people are actually prolaiming that their skin problem is fixed because of God? Looks like God's priorities are messed up. C'mon people, let's not be selfish.

Now Now, God is many things to many different people. Psoriasis sucks and if God was her/his cure then that is great! There have been many people who are extremely religious and have had miracles happen because of their faith in their God. I have faith in my body, and the food I feed my body. But we should not make comments like that about someones success and faith, its just rude, tacky, and ignorant. We should share what has worked for us, so others with this condition can have any information possible to help them move on in their live and hopefully heal their Psoriasis.

I'd like to know about the God-related Psoriasis also.<br />
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No offense-

Why did "God" give you psoriasis to begin with?

different food will effect people differently. nightshades are not a problem for my psoriasis but gluten is. it was a little hard to cut out at first but now its actually quite good and i automatically avoid food that i don't really want to eat anyway<br />
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unfortuantely, gluten is only part of the problem though, psoriasis is so tricky!

Let me know if cutting the tomatoes help. I too, love to eat tomatoe flavor foods as well. I also know what you are going through when being depressed regarding wearing summer clothes. At times, I will get the nerve to wear the clothes that will show my psoriasis. It's tough, but just be yourself no matter what. People without psoriasis really don't understand what we go through. Good luck and keep me updated if you have any other suggestions regarding foods or medicines.

Hey, I have a suggestion of food and a topical, all natural, oil. The oil is called 777 Oil, and I have had remarkable success with this oil. I am Psoriasis free for the first time in a long time. I also have changed my diet considerably. Nightshades are to be somewhat avoided. But more importantly spicy foods, citrus foods and red meats should be avoided at all costs. But you shouldn't just cut them out all at once, slow and steady wins the race. I eat oatmeal every morning with almonds honey and cut up apples, and sometimes a dab of organic peanut butter. for lunch I eat cut up veggies, almonds and beans (not out of a can, but beans that I have soaked and cooked) and dinner is more veggies with fish, chicken, or beans. Once in a while I will still eat red meat, say for instance on the 4th of July, I had a hot dog, a cheese burger and a couple bites of a steak! It tasted so darn good and I didn't have any flare ups after. I love my diet, because I feel food is fuel for body and not a curse that I have to stick too. If you think about it most food at the grocery stores is full of crap! Stay out of the middle of the store and shop on the outter boundries. Produce Produce, grains grains, nuts, real food. I hope this helps and check out the 777 oil, I love it!

i cant find anything to help my skin either i have both guttate and plaque psoriasis and its so depressing coming into summer and not being able to wear shorts and t shirts. im from Italian descent so tomatoes are my favourite but i think after hearing your story ill try cut them out of my diet and see if that helps :)

Wow! Your psoriasis is now cleared up without having to take any of the medications? I have psoriasis just in a few spots here and there, but for some reason I can't get it cleared up. At times I can manage it, but once I start itching all hell breaks loose. I have taking the oral medicine, the topicals, shots, laser treatment and even going to tanning bed at times. I don't know what to do, I don't have it that bad where I have to inject the medicines. Does anybody have any other suggestions? Please let me know because at this time the psoriasis is now flaring up again. Thank you, for reading.

Hey there, I have a wonderful product, all natural, that has cleared my Psoriasis, in conjunction with a pretty vegetarian diet. I found an oil called 777 oil through a company called Garry and Sun, I believe they are on the internet and have recently reduced the price on the oil. It is worth trying, it has worked for me and many other people. I also have found that eating spicy foods, citrus foods, and red meats can really cause additional spots to come out and inflame the ones that are already there. Anyway I hope that information is helpful to you. Good luck on your journey, Just food for thought your diet is pretty key in treating this condition, if you aren't eating really healthy, you cant expect to really heal yourself. There is a documentary out called Food Matters, worth checking out and checking out the sources they site.