Nothing Has Helped So Far.

I have had psoriasis since i was 8 years old. I am now 18 and nothing has been able to help me in the long run. Last July i started with the light treatment, which cleared my skin really well. Once the hospital stopped giving me the treatment, it was only a matter of weeks until my skin started to break out again. I then went back to the hospital just to be told it "wasn't severe enough" to start the treatment again. I carried on using the emollients and steroid creams but they don't help much. I continued to talk to my GP about my skin and its only now that they have decided to try the UV light treatment again. I don't think people take this condition seriously and fail to consider the emotional effects it has on the sufferer.
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I have had psoriasis since I was around 3 years old and have been in and out of hospital my whole life. I am now 22 and am still no further forward in finding a way to keep it at a minimum. The only things I find are the light treatment and tar treatmeant. I don't know if tar treatment is offered in NI but I am from Glasgow so I assume it will be. You should definitley ask your doctor about it.

Hey, I'm Ahmed and I'm from Egypt
I read your story
I have known people who had it everywhere their hands, legs, arms, head and even in private parts. Cortisones dont help at all trust me I'm affected with psoriasis they actually get it worse.Google (Psoriasis Egypt safaga)
It's a cure, as all you do is going in the water then sit in the sun, as the salt in the water is of high percentage which helps in treating psoriasis, I'm actually there right now, and saw people with great improvement
Well, I told you everything and hope that it helps

Please be careful of these light treatments. I had them numerous times back in the 90's. The damage didn't show for years but when it did it was too late the damage was done. You look as if you might be fair skinned like I am.Please be careful ....I have brown sun damage all over my legs, and I have not worn shorts in public for 25 years .

Hi Hannah<br />
Please check out before you think about Methotrexate, or any other intensive light treatment. M is a cancer drug v v high powered, in the UK you have to have blood test weekly because it has a habit of knocking out your kidneys.<br />
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The Skinkind product you want is Skinkind Cleanser, it's around £40 but if it works you can get it on presc<x>ription.<br />
<br />
Have a look at the ITV news clip about a ballerina called Sarah<br />
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<br />
Hope this helps

A few years ago I found a lightbox on Craigslist. It was used and I had to replace the bulbs, but in the long run it was SO much cheaper than getting a new one for $4000 US. Mine is not huge, i can fit it into my bedroom of my 1 bedroom apt with ease and it saves me from the 3-4 weekly trips to the doctors office. please try my new product i am positive it can. Many have tried and they are very pleased with the results we send free samples if you have any questions please email me at please and thank you

Yeah, mine would flare up a lot when i'm stressed, especially around the time of my exams at school :( The uv treatment worked really well for me while i was getting it, but i was back at the hospital less than 2 months after i had finished it. They mentioned going on some medication called Methotrexate, that's meant to be really effective but has a lot of side effects, might be worth a try.

Hey i hear ya :( i have to have the UV light treatment to, absolutely nothing else works...... Problem is you stop it and it starts to come back, and stress is a major trigger for me....n they wont treat you till its completely gone only till its a lot less and managed beta, i dont get that

I live in Northern Ireland and we don't have Wal Mart, but i'll look it up on the internet and see if there is anything similar here and try it out. Thanks :)

I have had Psoriaisi for 53 years, I found a cheap way to treat it and it works better than anything the doctors have gave me. Go to Wal-Mart and get you bar of Safeguard soap, a bottle of Witch hazel and a bottle Mineral Oil. Take a warm bath wash the spots real good with safeguard to remove old skin, then after drying off put the witch Hazel on the spots then the mineral oil. After a month you will not believe your eye. It’s gone for less the fifteen dollars.

I don't think it would be possible for me to get my own light because it's like a sunbed they use. :(

for what it is worthi have a kid that lives with me that also has issues with it and the medications she can takes is very limits do to siezures<br />
<br />
she had a sunburn a few years as and we used something called" burn free" and we have never stopped using in on certain other areas as it pretty much cleared us the scales and rought skin with no side effects