Omg, I Hate It

It began only on my elbows and for years I just sort of ignored it, but then it got much worse suddenly. I know realize stress caused it to spread much more rapidly plus it got itchy, and by then it was also something I'd mess with like nail biting. I began using steroids and for many years I've basically just applied it when it's gotten moreso then a little scaley. But man, this year it's in other places on my body now! I've got a patch under one breast (wtf!) and a couple on my forehead and legs. Wow, so sucks. I try to keep up with the steroid application but I hate using that stuff as it makes my fingers crack. A couple of weeks ago I did a several snorkeling dives and the patches practically disappeared, so now I'm interested in finding some sort of sea salt homeopathic...something. If anyone has any suggestions, I'm interested. I hate putting on this steroid stuff. Thanks for creating this group and for all your posts!

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So I use that steroid stuff too. Just be careful with that stuff. My doctor didn't tell me, but I learned from the pharmacist that you shouldn't put it anywhere that "the sun doesn't see" and you shouldn't put it on your face. It thins your skin and that is why it works so damn well (well, it does for me-it is like a miracle). Always wash your hands right after- it is potent stuff! Not sure if you knew all that already- maybe this info will help others. <br />
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I am interested in this salt water thing too. I think I am going to just jump in the freezing WA ocean soon. I relate to your story. I have it under one boob too!