My Story.

Well, hi. I'm Sara. I just turned 21 last Friday.

I was diagnosed with psoriasis a little over a year ago, and ever since it's completely changed my life. I'm no longer the happy go lucky girl I used to be, I'm completely different. I have no knowledge on how to cope with this, and this disease is taking it's toll on me. Which I'm sure you are all more than familiar with. It's way more than skin deep, I feel like a monster. Not to mention, I lost my job because of psoriasis, I'm afraid to date, and my social life is anything My depression is at an all time high. I really need some people I can talk to and relate with. I am the only person in my family that has this disease, I could use a pick me up.
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We are about the same age, and i have to say, i completely agree with you and understand how you feel, its so unfortunate that we have to go through this.

You could use a pick me up??? Well, what state are you located on? :P I'll go and pick you up and take you for a date. Psoriasis is an upsetting cross to carry (not a religious person, B T Dubz) anyways, yeah! I think I have a great personality and have had the chance to go out with a number of girls...sadly, psoriasis is my Everest. For that matter, I'm from CT and I feel like dating someone with psoriasis could be mutually beneficial. :D and cheer up! There's a lot more things to life. The more you stress, the more P you have. Just kinda get used to forgetting about it. I understand your point though, had it for about 10 yearS. 24 now (=´∀`)人(´∀`=) we got this!

all the men in my family have psoriasis and me. It's not too severe, but it was worse once. I feel for you. You are totally not alone in this. And you are totally not a monster. Have you tried tanning? Light therapy? Dovenex? (see my story above)

Hang in there. You are a lovely person

I knwo how you feel when you say it's taking a toll on you.
I've diagnosed with psoriasis for 2 years, I was around 16 then.
But yeah, depression is what you seem to go into. And I hate it.
You know, feel that insecruity it gives.
I used to get laser treatment. It helped, so maybe you should try it. :)
Although that on your scalp? Is the worst!
I'm also the only one with this skin disease in my family.
I've lost friends because of this. (which actually showed who my true friends were).

It has changed me as well... It had made me think of thinks i shouldn't be thinking of.

I'm here if you want to relate and vent it out. :)

I think I didn't make any sense of what I wrote... Sorry for that :/