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I everyone!

I have moderate psoriasis. Small to medium patches scattered on my legs and arms. Thankfully, I've never had it severely, nor have I had it on my hands, feet or face, but needless to say, it's haunted me for years

My doctor many years ago prescribed Dovenex. It's a hormone free cream that can be used indefinitely and it cleared up most of my biggest and most stubborn patches. Every time I run into someone with psoriasis, I tell them about Dovenex. Ask your doctor about it. It changed my life for the better.
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I tried something new for me with AMAZING results. I found an acupuncturist I trusted. I had treatment every other week for about 5 months. My hands were totally clear and my feet were about 85% clear. Another good thing was I had NO itching at all. It was awesome! I have moved to another state now and I have found another acupuncturist I haven't had an appointment yet. I am soooo glad I decided to try that option :)

I bought 2 10oz (I think) tubes of $200.00 per tube....that was a fair chance for that medicine. My Dermatologist prescribed it and Clobetasol to rotate one in the morning and one at night. I was also on Methotrexate.....mine is severe case. The Dovenex did not work that well for me. I was diagnosed 7 years ago and Im very thankful that I havent had an outbreak on my hands in about a year and a half, My feet are not too bad at this point but I still use the Clobetasol. So I appreciate your suggestions but i have been there and done that.

Dovenex is very expensive unless you have good insurance. You are lucky you dont have a severe case. Congrats to you!

How expensive? 60$? 100$? 150$? Most people spend that on their monthly entertainment budgets or a night out drinking. Unless you are destitute, it is possible to save the money. How much is living without (or with significantly less) psoriasis break outs worth to you? I did some research online and there is a generic version of the drug available for less. Just saying. It might be worth it.

I haven't. I've heard of connections between Stress and Psoriasis, obesity and psoriasis and the levels of acid in your diet and psoriasis. I know that when I lost a lot of weight, It cleared up a lot. Also, I've heard of people eating special/low acid diets (no citrus fruits, not coffee etc.) that they've helped themselves out that way. Dovenex always worked so well for me, that I never branched out to other types of treatment. I did tanning for a little while, which seemed to help, but I couldnt afford it all the time. Have you tried light therapy?

I have gotten some $600.00 lotion that helped but refuse to continue to get it for that price for what small results I saw. I have felt and in researching this, that it is internally that we need to treat. So I have been in pursuit of natural remedies and have gotten some relief but an still on ventures for total healing. Have you heard of a connection between colon health and P?

Thanks but it did even make a dent in mine :(

I'm sorry to hear that :(. Has anything worked for you?