My Psoriasis Experience

I never had psoriasis till the age of 23. Before that point I was exercising regulary and drinking 2 litres of water a day. My face did not have any however I was covered with my legs and arms. It was so awful. Over the years, I bought a brand new vacuum cleaner which has alot of power and would use it every week. I also wash my bedsheets once to twice a week, I bathed everyday with oilatum bath oil and use QV intensive cream twice a day. This helped me to improve with my results. I then at the age of 26 went to a psycholigst to deal with the abuisive family I was from and the many stress related problems I had. I also went to a prayer ministry place who said that my psoriasis was due to the abuse from my mother. I beleive that psoriasis in most cases is stress related problem stemming from issues which counselling is necessary for. It can be cured guys, I am now able to wear clothes which I can show my skin and you will be too.
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1 Response Nov 14, 2012

I have heard how stress plays a big factor in the P. I am at the happiest, most stress free point in my life and got P. I don't understand it. I am a very strong believer also and thank God in advance for what He is doing in healing me. I am interested in finding some Oilatum Bath Oil, where is it available? And what is the QV Intensive Cream?