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I have a horrible case of psoriasis, and I don't have any health insurance so I can't afford anything to take care of it. It started on my scalp and legs and it is now taking over my body.

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everybody, did you see my message for coresatin? it really works very well. I know how you feel and how you hate when somebody talks about a product or a cure.. :(( but I lived this, at the time I lost the hope , I got this cream. never gave up the mositurizing. stopped using soaps.

Remedium/the cure facebook we can help we send free samples

I can honestly say that having dealt with psoriasis for over 20 years now (I am 29) I have tried a LOT of medications from topicals to biologics. I have also tried the diet route. I currently don't have health insurance and I use a combination of diet and UVB treatment. I found my UVB lightbox on Craigslist, so that is a good place to start (buying a new one can range from $2000-$4000). I can give you some links to literature concerning the diet changes you can make if you want. I wish you the best of luck and feel free to message me if you have any questions or just want to chat, sometimes it just helps to talk to someone who has gone through a bad flare up. Good luck! i promise my new product can help you we send free samples if you have any questions please email me at please and thank you

I was 17 when I got them, a month before graduation. It absolutely sucked. Except mine cover over 50% of my body. I am 28 now and have become a pro at hiding them :( I have tried everything.... I mean it, ointments, shampoo's, oils, IV infusions ( worked but got really ill from the meds and had to stop, and they returned), oral medications, natural remedies, various concoctions... Until recently. I was recently introduced to this skin care and nutrition line, it was suggested that I start taking one of their all natural immune system supporter. As my husband got great results with their nutrition line, and me with the constant innovation. As I became a distributor of their product. So I agreed to give it a try... Why not, money back guarantee! I am on day 17 of taking two capsules a day, and they look amazing :) I can't believe my eyes and I'm excited to wake up cause they're getting noticeably better... Fading away! Of course it got a bit worse before better, but that only last a few days. The best thing is the product retails for around $50/bottle, but as a distributor I get it for $38/bottle, they suggest double or tripling doseage for severe cases, then cutting it back to one a day. I know I have spent way more than any health plan would even cover! I couldn't wait to share this with anyone with psoriasis who would listen! There are tons of testimonials on all of their products and all the amazing results different people have had!! I refuse to let psoriasis beat me, I am constantly trying thing to get rid of them, without hurting my body with harsh presc<x>ription drugs. Please contact me if you would like more info @! Good luck everyone.

Psoriasis is an auto immune condition. I much prefer the word condition to the word disease, because it really is not. Due to a possible genetic predisposition, approximately 1 to 2 percent of the population is susceptible to psoriasis and suffers from it.<br />
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However, this does not mean that the condition cannot be cleared. It can and does. I have. At one point, I had about 75-80 percent of my skin covered. I had a severe mix of types. I had guttate, plaque and erythrodermic all at once.<br />
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The methodology that I used was taking a combination gel cap of Omega 3,6,9 (fish oil, borage oil and evening primrose oil), an additional capsule of EPO, a multivitamin plus mineral, 4000 units of vitamin d3 and milk thistle. It took three months, but it worked. <br />
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Slowly but surely the researchers are finding there is more to solving this problem than expensive pills with terrible side effects.<br />
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Diet can be effective if changes in diet avoids the triggers which can make psoriasis worse. Any thing which improves the functioning of the immune system can be of benefit.<br />
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Doctors and the pharmaceutical companies are against this because frankly it would be a loss of a lot of money if the more inexpensive method of diet and or supplements were found to be effective.<br />
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There are alternatives for anyone if they do the research and spend time on some of the quality psoriasis boards. People who deal with this condition on a daily basis have every reason to find that which does work, be it from a doctor or from an alternative source. They live with the results every single day.

I have had Psoriaisi for 53 years, I found a cheap way to treat it and it works better than anything the doctors have gave me. Go to Wal-Mart and get you bar of Safeguard soap, a bottle of Witch hazel and a bottle Mineral Oil. Take a warm bath wash the spots real good with safeguard to remove old skin, then after drying off put the witch Hazel on the spots then the mineral oil on after each bath. After a month you will not believe your eye. It’s gone for less the fifteen dollars.

One word - Champori

I am suffering from a recent very bad blow up of psoriasis. It began shortly after the first of September and at its worst covered about 60-70% of my body. Even worse, about half of that was erythrodermic "Red Skin" type psoriasis. It started as small red dots, went to typical plaque type lesions that then spread to one large mass of very angry red inflamed skin. At one point it was trying to give me Psoriatic arthritis. Both hands were swollen and my fingers looked like sausages. I went to a dermatologist and received a shot of prednisone.<br />
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I had mild outbreaks for years, but this last year was a terrible one for stress and this outbreak was both the quickest and the most severe I have ever been through. I did not want to go the route of the standard treatments, i.e methotrexate, corticosteroids or even the newer biologics. The side effects are just too severe and it really doesn't address the root of the problem.<br />
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The regimen I have found that seems to be working well for me so far (since about the 14th of November) is:<br />
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Allegra 180 taken before bed. A multivitamin plus minerals taken in the morning. 2000 units of vitamin d3 taken twice a day.(4000 total) A combination gel tab of Flax-seed oil, fish oil, and borage oil taken twice, some times 3 times a day. Evening primrose oil gel tab taken twice a day. (Both in the form of 1 gram gel caps.) And last but not least milk thistle twice and often three times a day. (1 gram gel cap.) I take all of these orally. Most are said to be affective if applied topically as well.<br />
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The only topical I have found that reliably works for a long period of time is good old plain Vaseline. For some severe spot where the skin had thickened on the plaque psoriasis, I found that using Vicks vaporub over night helped soften and improve removing the scales. I found I could use the Vaseline in the morning and make it through most of the day without having to apply more body lotion or anything to help keep the skin moist. Before bed time allowed me to get a decent nights sleep. Nothing else I found OTC lasted more than an hour or two.<br />
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I did a lot of research over the web in the effort to find things that seemed to have a valid track record for working with psoriasis. I found and read all the research publications I could find.<br />
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The Allegra is just a good anti-histamine that I found had few complaints against it. I tried going a few days without it and it clearly was doing a lot of good for me. The multivitamin is simply to help accommodate nutrition wise because of all the skin I was shedding.<br />
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I found a few reports that D3 does help with slowing down the skin production. Topical is better, but oral does do some good. <br />
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Fish oil is good for reducing inflammation and I have a couple of reports that showed it tended to help reduce the skin production. The multi oil version I use contains Borage oil which is high in GLA which has been reported to have some use in reducing pain and symptoms associated with Rheumatoid arthritis. The overall compound is good for reducing red inflamed skin.<br />
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The evening primrose oil is used for eczema and for a time was approved as a presc<x>ription in Britain for that use. However it has been withdrawn because of a lack of proof that it works. I found that it does seem to help reduce inflammation and itching in my case.<br />
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The Milk thistle is more recognized in Europe. But I did find research reports that confirm it does reduce and possibly even repair some liver damage. It is about the best treatment for Amanita mushroom poisoning, which causes death because of toxins that attack the liver. I also read some research results that showed it does moderate some T-cell activity. T-cells of course are the major problem causes of Psoriasis skin lesions.<br />
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I have slowly built up this regimen over time, adding elements as I researched them. Right now, I have two weeks on the full regimen. The amount of skin I am now shedding is a tenth of what it was. The erythro portion has reversed course and has gone from bright angry red to a faded orange/pink with large portions returning to normal skin tone. Most of the plaque lesions have lost the swelling and are now large red circles with normal looking skin in the middle where the plaques used to be.<br />
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I realize not everything works for everyone, but this has worked for me. The idea behind it all is not to clear the psoriasis by suppressing the immune system, but rather trying to get the immune system back where it is supposed to be. The key elements seem to be the oils, the primrose oil and the flaxseed/fish oil/borage oil in combination with the milk thistle. The excess skin production fell off after two or three days. The swelling in the lesions slowly reduced themselves in another few days. After ten days, there was significant color change with the red skin portions going from a solid angry red to a lighter red that was blotchy and far less uniform in appearance.<br />
<br />
It has been a slow and steady improvement for me. I offer this here for any who wish to try it.

here is a cheep resipe to help you,<br />
1/4 cup of mineral oil(baby oil unsented)<br />
1/2 cup of diced un cloured bees wax<br />
4 table spoons of (sorry about the spelling) real lanilin<br />
melt in a sealable contaner in microwave (2 mins)<br />
make sure lid is off, mix well and let cool.<br />
this should be a bit looser them lip balm. <br />
i started making this as i cant aford my cream.

Every persons body reacts differently to either medications or natural remedys, but this disease is not curable you can only treat it and for the individual try and try again until you find what is best for you, Fish oil can be good for people with psoriasis, another thing dont drink beer as yeast is bad for you, and stress is the worst thing, I know this sounds easier said then done but try not to stress because when you stress nothing will work, and ultra-violet light is good but dont go to a tanning salon as I had treatment at a hospital I was treated by a doctor and it cleared it up to the point where I wasn't embarassed, but you have to stop for a while as there is a chance of skin cancer and it always came back after treatment had finished.<br />
Goat soap is good for your skin as well, also it's cheaper to buy oatmeal and get some cloth and wrap some oatmeal in the cloth and use that instead of normal soap, and always remember that your not alone as their are people all over the world with the same disease ok. dave

I've been taking Enbrel injections for about 2 years now and it has helped me alot...but is not completely gone.

You are really giving this person horrible advice! Psoriasis is an auto-immune disease, so it cannot be healed, it is incurable! You need to go see a DR, in order to find out what medication you can be on that will help your disease. After you are on proper medication you can try changing your foods, and going an all natural route, but diet will not cure an auto-immune disease. Please do your own research before listening to recommendations that are not accurate!

Its unforntunate you reacted so horribly to advice. I never claimed to be a doctor Mainfal, but am simply sharing something that has worked for me. I am quite aware of what western medicine labels this condition. However, I believe in lighter side of life that allows the body to heal itself, instead of relying on medicine that eventually destroy the body. Short term results are not what I want. I want a healthy life that is long lived in health and happiness. You are free to do what you want to do, I only hope that you choose to spread positivity instead of hate and promoting medicines that tear down the body. I am speaking of first hand knowledge with the harsh pharmaceuticals, and no longer wish to pursue a quick fix to a senstive body. Until then, I hope peace finds you and you allow people to speak what has worked for them without spreading your venom across the world.

You are really giving this person horrible advice! Psoriasis is an auto-immune disease, so it cannot be healed, it is incurable! You need to go see a DR, in order to find out what medication you can be on that will help your disease. After you are on proper medication you can try changing your foods, and going an all natural route, but diet will not cure an auto-immune disease. Please do your own research before listening to recommendations that are not accurate!

you should try eating a vegetarian type diet, high in veggies, grains, nuts, and some fruits. Food can heal you, its the crap in boxes and bags that will harm your body. There is also an oil i have had great success with called 777 oil, you can google it and find the company that sells it. But I use it everyday and eat a veggie diet and I have zero Psoriasis. I also expose my body to sunlight everyday. Spicy foods, citrus foods and red meats are not your freind. You should eat cooling foods. There is a lot of people who have this condition and can help you without you needing health insurance.

Hang in there!

I'm in a simillar situation, but I stumbled upon somthing wonderfull. first things first I DO NOT SELL OR WORK FOR THIS COMPANY!!! My wife's brother and sister-in law were in town visiting, I had been using over the counter meds (with little or no effect) and it had run out, the itching was driving me crazy. my sister-inlaw said that she had found somthing that finally helped her dry skin, would I like to try it ? after patiently explaining the differance to her I went ahead and tried it. It was called "Jordan Essentials Oatmeal Milk and Honey Lotion Bar" my psoriasis is pretty bad and within a couple of days it went from that thick white scaleling to pink areas. now I use it daily and it really keeps the scaling from returning. when I run out it returns so all this does is help the symptoms but nothing Ive been able to find has done even half as much as this stuff (and it dosent stink like pine tar or meds)

you dont need a health isurance to treat psoriasis, <br />
you can treat it naturally with the right skin care products, nutritional supplements and positive thinking, <br />
thank you<br />
<br />

Great advice! I love you attitude!

I know it is dreadful my whole body is covered too I am sick of dressing like a Nun to try and cover it up when I go out

covering your skin is probably the worst thing you can for it. Psoriasis is not a curse, its your body telling you its out of wack. I have used many pharmaceuticals that all came with crappy side effects, I now have embraced my condition loving my body, verbally telling my body every day that it is healthy, and self healing. To help my body do what it needs to do to heal my Psoriasis I treat it internally as well as externally. I use an oil called 777 Oil, you can google it online, I think the company is called Garry and Sun. Anyway I have also cut all the garbage out of my diet. I ate food now, not the processed crap from the middle isles of the grocery store. I also have stopped eating spicy foods, citrus foods, and red meats (with the exception of holidays) I eate oatmeal every morning with almonds, honey, and cut up apples, for lunch I eat veggies, veggies, vieggies with rice, and for dinner I eat more veggies with beans, or a white meat. I swear if you take this suggestion seriously you too can live Psoriasis free.

One thing you might want to try is tanning. I did the phototherapy and it helped clear it up. But a tanning bed should give you some relife. Just stay on schedual every other day to get it clear.