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So, I have Psoriasis, and I've had them for years. My father as well, who is no longer with us. Mine aren't as severe as they use to be but I'm starting to get them in areas that I don't like to discuss and my face. I don't like to worry about what a guy will think when he see's little red patches there.. I'm constantly in the nurse's office being told I need to do something about them, because people think I have ringworm from where the inside have healed and just left a red flakey ring. I am a very shy person, but I've gotten to the point where I just dont care what anyone thinks. I wear short sleeves, and dresses without pantyhose. People are going to judge you no matter what you look like or do, so why not be yourself and stop worrying about keeping your arms covered to the point no one can see your skin. It's not disgusting, its not ugly it's skin. Don't turn to the medicines for this, they only cause more problems. The more you fight it the worse it'll get. If you honestly want to fight it though WHATEVER YOU DO don't turn to embrel and all the really big risky steroid drugs. My father got on them and they gave him leukemia and within a year he spent majority of it in the hospital it took him from us. His hurt him and they covered his entire back most of his legs, elbows, and stomach. The smaller less harmful things are tanning, slippery elm tea, and desonide cream. I had my tonsils removed back in 2007 and over half of mine cleared up.
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I work with a company called Seacret, the products have AMAZING results for Psoriasis and Eczema. I have a touch of psoriasis on my scalp... NOTHING like what you experience I am sure. The products have stopped my itching where nothing else could. Send me a message, I would love the chance to help you out also!

I have seem people cured from chronic psoriasis in very short time , we should talk.

you are absolutely strong and inspiring, i've always been really insecure about my condition, and same as you, i started getting patches on my face recently. hope they will eventually find a cure for psorasis!

I agree with not taking the dangerous drugs! I do try to hide my skin, except that now it has moved onto my hands and lower arms so I can't hide them. it's on one of my ears also. I am looking into homeopathic remedies, thanks for your above mentioned natural helpful tips! Bless you!