Going Deeper Into Curing My Psoriasis Homeopathically

I have tried so many things except for the pills that suppress your immune system. This has been so frustrating trying to stop the P and it is getting worse all over me. My husband has ordered some herbal supplements that have a pretty impressive reputation of healing all sorts of things... So we'll see...

One thing I feel is necessary is to treat the P internally. We are sick inside and our skin is just a reflection of it. We need to balance our PH and focus and being less acidic and more alkaline. We need to have a healthy intestinal track- has anyone heard of a link between that? What about the possibility of 'leaky gut' syndrome ?

I have huge patches on my lower legs (that's where it started) and now small patches are up my legs, on my rear end, in my butt crack, under one boob, arms, elbows and recently moved to my hands and palm of my hand, on right eyebrow and left ear. It totally sucks!!! My husband loves me but I've seen him pull his hand off when he has accidentally touched my P :( I sure hope we all can get cured of this some how - Some way. please write me and share your thoughts
MistyMC MistyMC
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1 Response Dec 4, 2012

I am thinking of looking int a UVB tanning light- those are safe. I do enjoy sitting outside but we don't have the greatest weather here. the long term health risks from taking the pills is too scary-If your referring to the pills that deplete your immune system. Our friend now has cancer and he was told it was from the treatment he got from a med that depletes your immune system. A girl on this site said the her dad took the pills for his P and they worked but he then got lukiemia and died- from taking those pills. Cancer runs in my family and I would rather live with P then die early from Cancer!