Help I Am Scratching Myself Crazy

I have Psoriasis on the top of my foot, as well as both thumbs and behind one ear! LOL (not really funny)
The patch on my foot is killing me, I scratch till it bleeds, then it's like all the nerve endings in my body go to that point and drive me crazy. I can't stand to touch it, cover it, leave it exposed, you name it I can't stand it.
I have had it for years, but it gets worse now with every passing day. I have been to Dr's and had steroids and creams and over the counter meds, and meds from India, I will try any thing, but have not found any thing that helps. It might lighten up for a day or so, but then comes back in full force and even worse!!!
jtinder jtinder
1 Response Dec 28, 2012

Hi......I dont know if you have ever tried it but I have used TeaBags on my hands and feet. While the tea bags are still warm from brewing. Also what I have found to help me is avoid the long run it just makes it worse. Have you tried Anti Itch creams?.......I know how bad it is.....I have it on my hands and feet. Clobetasol script has helped me a lot.....Good Luck!!!