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Iam 14 and live in England, when i was a toddler i suffered with mild Eczema but when i turned 8 or 9 it developed into mild-moderate Psoriasis, but as i hit puberty my Psoriasis worsened and i was bullied. Girls would say thing like "eww im gona catch something" or "oh look its snowing" My Psoriasis spread through the whole of my scalp, my ears, my shoulders to my wrists, a little on my belly, my belly button, my thighs and my legs. Since it was obvious creams weren't working i was sent to the hospital for treatment, i started of with 'UVB' treatment which worked but as soon as the treatment stopped the Psoriasis came back. This time small patches on my face appeared. Now I'm on Methotrexate tablets but no real improvement has been seen. Now i have been diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis. Because of this i will be starting Methotrexate injections an will be put on a steroid drip to help with the pain, i really hope this works xxxx
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Please try the aloe vera drinks and the bee propolis creme. I am also an eczema sufferer and these products have worked wonders for me and some psoriasis, arthritis sufferers and more, so now i sell them!!! I am just flabbergasted by the effects and if you don't get any benefit, you get your money back. Obv its your skin/ joints and your choice, but i can only recommend this because its helped me. I love the fact that the aloe is a natural remedy!!
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Really hope i can help you and would truly be happy to :) Trying to let everyone know about these products. You can only try. xx