I Have It

Hey everyone, i've had psoriasis for briefly 4 years now, my condition isn't as bad so i guess i shouldn't be complaining as much as i do. It is just so hard since i'm only 20 and currently a university student, and should be having the best time of my life, making lots of friends, traveling and dating, etc. But psoriasis always get in the way, i can't go swimming, i always have to apply the creams, and the worst is that even through my condition isn't severe, but the creams i used were so strong, they left my skin looking red and cracked like if i got burned. And don't even get me started on dating. Recently, my condition got worst, but its common since it's winter, which means no sunlight, but i started getting patches on my face, which really made me struggle and feel hopeless. i just need some support and need to know that i am not alone.
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1 Response Jan 25, 2013

You aren't alone hun!!! I have known many psoriasis sufferers and even though im only a lowly eczema sufferer myself, i feel your pain. These products might help you and if not, you get your money back. Just try it!!!
If you have any questions- please email me aloepotential@outlook.com
Really hope i can help you and would truly be happy to :) Stay positive!!!