Either Shea Butter Or Acupuncture Helped Me

Hi! My name is Sarah and I'm not trying to sell you anything. I've had psoriasis for years now. First, it showed up on my legs. I spent way too much money--no health insurance--trying to get help from a dermatologist (who I think was a total quack). I saw an article in his waiting room about how sunlight and mineral oil (baby oil) could help. I walked out of the office (no longer waiting for my appointment) and headed to the local drug store. It worked for my legs (which was nice...not being able to shave my legs was weird).

Then it was/is on my head. It developed into about an inch and a half circle of red blotchy-ness covered in that over-so-attractive white scale-y stuff around the based on my crown. My solution for years: don't wear my hair up. I tried baby oil, steroid cream, steroid gel, coal tar shampoo; nothing really helped.

A friend of mine recommended acupuncture. She doesn't have psoriasis, but sees an acupuncturist for other reasons, and, after conferring with the doctor, I figured why not. Typically, my answer to this question is it costs too much money. Luckily, I found a school for acupuncturists and they had a really decent price--one that I could afford.

At the same time, I started, on a whim, trying Shea butter--not that fragrance infused, processed crap you get at the local store. I got some unrefined, raw Shea butter from a fair and figured, why not? It probably can't hurt, and it was great for the rest of my skin.

I suspect that the acupuncture might have jump-started the process to getting rid of psoriasis, but I think that the Shea butter really made all the difference. I'm almost entirely flake-free. Given, my psoriasis probably didn't qualify as severe, and everyone responds to treatments differently, but it is a pretty cheap solution that's worth a try. (Plus, the Shea butter lasts for quite a while and I found places where I could purchase it online and get like a pound for $20 or so--a pound is gonna last me a long time).

I was so happy the day that I was finally brave enough to check it out in the mirror. The itching had subsided and the flakiness was almost entirely gone. I've dealt with the problem for years. I was so excited, I cried. So I share this story for you hoping that it might help someone else. Good luck! Sarah
sbrighter sbrighter
Feb 2, 2013