I have been gradually getting worse, the psoriasis covers me now like the pox. I wish this to be over with.
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Sheri Green may help you dud -

Hey, I'm Ahmed and I'm from Egypt
Cortisones dont help at all trust me I'm affected with psoriasis they actually get it worse.Google Psoriasis Egypt safaga
It's a cure, as all you do is going in the water then sit in the sun, as the salt in the water is of high percentage which helps in treating psoriasis, I'm actually there right now, and saw people with great improvement
Well, I told you everything and hope that it helps

i appreciate your responce but im a white christian my chance of losing my head isnt worth the healing

i look like the smal-pox, it covers 60% of me or more. i would rather die than face this. 2000$ a month to treat it. i hurt, how does one escape the burden? guess i should count blessing it only exposed itself in my seniour years.

biopsy said psoriasiform dermatitus, im have plaque at all my joints [knees, ankles, elbows] the rest covers me like chickenpox. it came on when i was about 50, it came in stages. first it was like hives, then came the plaque, and the final morph hyperplasia. very down and depressed, reclusing.