Odd Place To Have Psoriasis

I found out I had it about 3 months ago when it first showed up. It's only on the back of my hands and that makes it hard to put the cream on because I can't wash my hands for a while, to make sure the cream gets into my skin. If I use my cream for 3 days it goes away but it comes back about 3-4 days later. I thought once I use the cream it would not come back for a couple of weeks or months, but I was wrong. I am still hopful that it can go away for a longer time because it gets pretty itchy. I noticed my first breakout after hot cup of cappuccino I brought from a donut shop was too full because the employee over filled it which I did not know until it spilled on me and burned me while walking back to my car with the cup in my hand. So maybe that's what set it off.
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