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I have psoriasis like so many other people, still this does little to comfort the embarrassment that I feel going to the pool or wearing short sleeves in the summer. Shorts, forget it, I can't shave my legs because until the wounds from the cuts heel the hair is back! This disease for me started when I was fifteen. I am now thirty-eight. I have accepted the disease but still feel the UGH when I meet someone new. One day while working in a bank I answered this statement eleven times, Looks like you got yourself into some poison oak. My co-worker said, you must get really tired of that.  I just went into the bathroom and cried. I am so, so tired of it. I have to vacuum every day so that no one will notice my trail. I also use petroleum jelly to ease the pain and irritation. I have it on approximately 45% of my body. At night it hurts so bad that I can't sleep. I have tried the creams and ointments, I have even taken steroids but all that did was give me chest hair and a mustache which I had waxed. Well you know what happened then, more psoriasis, thankfully not on my lip. But there was an outbreak on my chest. EERGH! I remember getting into a hot tub once where there were five others and they all got out! Everyone of them! I wanted to stay in the room for the rest of the vacation. On my first trip to the ocean, as soon as the water touched the plaques it felt like a million bees stinging me! Five hours later after applying a ton of tanning lotion and alternating between the stinging water and the beach, my legs and arms were just like normal skin until three days later when it started to come back but it felt so good just to touch my skin and not feel the rough skin. I would just rub my hands up and down my legs feeling the bare skin. It was an incredible feeling. I even tried to make my own salt water but it didn't work. I have put salt in petroleum jelly and slid rubber gloves over my hands. I have heard about some kind of fish that eat off the dead skin but I don't about that.  I would love to give the dead sea a try! Has anyone tried the dead sea? I don't really ever see any stories on that. It feels good to tell it to others who know what I am talking about! Thanks  

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1 Response Feb 16, 2009

Yes, I too have suffered for more than 10 years. <br />
I was suffering from athritis too. My doctor says that Psoraisis patients always end up with arthiritis.. I don't believe him but a few year later, the bone aches starts creeping in.<br />
In the last 40 days, I tried to stay off Gluten to fix the arthiritis, to my surprise, both the psoraisis cleared and bone ache disapeared. Wow! what a cure in such an amazing way. No medication , no treatment ..just stop eating bread and wheat , rye an barley product including malt. I later found out that the protein in the wheat which is the gluten cannot be ingested and my body produces antibodies which in turn attack my skin and bones. how bazzar! If only I knew earlier.