i'm from tunisia(north africa)
I am suffering from psoriasis since the age of 18
despite the pain I still resiste
I have more friends
I have decided to forget my pain
I love life, I love my family
I work hard
I've tried everything yet to emerge from the shadows
Determined to grab the life
because I can take my chance in life
I did not come to cry with you over misfortunes of the psoriasis
I seek a partner who wants to work with me
my mission is to help the company to locate in Tunisia
and even to manage business

zied022 zied022
26-30, M
1 Response Feb 19, 2009

Hi, <br />
Sympathize with your situation. I suffered from psoraisis for more than 10 years and my doctor told me to learn to live with it and that there is no cure. It is a very debilitating disease. Shameful to show my awful scares and sores and peeling skin. Feels like a leper. Makes me very depressed sometimes. So I went to another specialist who puts me on UV light treatments. It helped abit and then on to Neoral and metotraxate, a strong supression drug. All good but the body cannot take it besides it cost too much and hair falls out. Then I tried soaking in salt, yes dead seas salt from Israel. Wow..effect is good, amazing result but it still does not completely eradicate the symptons.<br />
I finally stumble on a cure...not a cure but the cause of psoraisis. Treatment..not really a treatment. Gluten intolerance cause the anti bodies to attack the immune system. Every time the body ingest wheat products..which contains a protein, the lack of enzymes in the digestive tracts causes the body to produce anti bodies. This antibodies inturn attack the skins, joints which end up with athritis ..sometimes end up with migraine headache, or attack the skin in the head which ends up withdandruff.. Thank God I did not suffer from migraine....just psoraisis in my elbows, knees,and anckles, shins. and tailbone. <br />
After abstaining from gluten for 40 days, all my symptons are cleared. Skin cleared, bone ache dissappeared. What a relief.. cost??? nothing. How amazing...all caused by the protein in the grains of wheat , barley and rye..<br />
<br />
My advise to you is not to give up. You will find your cure. I have found mine. I am just sharing u my story..I am not 100 % cured...I would say my skin is 90% cleared, no more scally skins...scares only but it will soon fade. Skin is supple and soft.. I am so blown away by it. <br />
<br />
Take care.<br />
Maxi Rose