I Am Psoriasis Free Now

Like so many, I have suffered from psoriasis since my early twenties.  No family history.  I have watched this disease consume probably 50% of my body.  I had tried everything both medical and herbal, with virtually no results.  On the advise of my sister in law and father in law one being a nurse the other a doctor, I began Humira.  This is a injection that is self administered every two weeks.  Sixteen weeks later and I am astounded by the results.  When I approached my Dermatologist, he like so many offered no enthusiasm for the product.  Just an OK.  Apparently, he does not really understand what it is like living with this disease.  I am here to say, That I have tried everything, and this stuff works.

I am psoriasis free, I do not know for how long, but for now I feel and look like everybody else.  Want to go to the beach, no problem, want to wear shorts and flip flops, no problem.  If you suffer, you owe it to yourself to try this product.

Good Luck

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6 Responses Sep 13, 2009

Humira has been wonderful, I've been using it for 6 weeks now. I still have pain, and can't seem to get my Rheum to understand it really friggin hurts. They pat your butt send you home and you are the one in pain not them.<br />
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I used to see a pain management Doc, since moving from that state I no longer see one here.<br />
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Anyone think it could be other pain than psoriatic arthritis pain?<br />
I again tell my doc I hurt, my back hurts, my feet hurt, I don't do much even around the house because I just end up in pain that day and more the next. So I sit mostly. I am not over weight, I don't have energy anymore, and I don't know if I should push my doc that I am in real pain here, I cant take it and I cant get them to understand it hurts..<br />
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Help anyone

I am with you i have just had my fifth needle and it is amazing I was 90% covered and i am already down to about 20% so i am really excited. <br />
Have you had any side effects. I am extremely tired and i get headaches for about 2 days. Other than that it has been great. :) life is starting to feel like i exist again

hey great. but have u had any side effect from the Humira yet? I took Soriatane 3 yrs ago and was cleared up 100% within a few months. However, when I stopped, P came right back and had spread to head to toe. also chuck of my hair fall out daily (been 3 yrs) n damaged my vision so bad that I can't no longer read indoors. so does anyone noticed side effect on this med? btw, things what worked for me was soaking up in sea water/ sun bath, etc....

Thankyou for your story, my dermatologist is starting me on humira this week and I was starting to wonder if I was just getting my hopes up but this has helped, I have psoriasis on 85 % of my body and had just about given up.

I have heard Humara is very helpful. I just started Enbrel and have seen improvements. I totally can relate to you feeling "normal". Isn't it amazing!!!! Best of luck to you!

Thanks for your story,my P covers at least 70% of my body and it's such a "pushing-water-uphill-with-a-rake" kind of disease lots of days seem so hard!Heard about Humira a couple of months ago, but has not been released in NZ yet.