Not Actually My Story....

However, my daughter, for ever more to be called "Sweetie Darling" or "SD" does have it.  So far, aside from laser treatment, which health insurance has not been able to cover, the best treatment has been the use of Eucerine cream, this is an over the counter product.  Also avoid sunlight which can make it worse.  And of course there is always the stress factor, it seems that stress does indeed make it worse. 

There is now laser treatments that are said to really end it all together, so if you can find a dermatologist that does them and can afford it, it seems well worth it.

As for now my SD is dealing well with it and its not causing her any problems.  The cream works and she's happy. 

Best of luck to all. 
TwilyghtZone TwilyghtZone
51-55, F
Nov 14, 2007