All Of My Life..

I have had psoriasis.  found out what it was when I was 19 and now at 28 it is finally starting to clear up.  I live in Washington state and it must be the weather here or something.  Not sure.  It doesn't get very cold and it doesn't get very warm.  :)

Definitely makes a difference in how you perceive life when you don't have to deal with psoriasis.  Now i only get it every now and then from clothes rubbing on my skin too much or visits to VA to see family. 

I am just thankful that I know what it is now.  I used to have no clue and it was just called "My rash" and now I have a name and can know exactly what is causing me troubles. 

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2 Responses Mar 5, 2010

Thanks Jaime but for right now I am doing great. :)

Diet can definitely help but not cure. Unfortunately nothing cures psoriasis, they can only reduce your "symptoms" aka "rash" to a bare minimum. Which is better than nothing. :)