Inherited From Both Parents, Exacerbated By Stress

I never had it until I left school to work. I had it until I went back to school. Then it returned once I graduated and had remained ever since.

I have a relatively light case - small areas here and there. Worst is on my hands, but I can moisturize and ex-foliate  until there's only a pink area left.

When I was on a strict low-carb diet the worst lesions shrunk or disappeared. After I reverted back to a typical diet they returned.

Every case is different. I haven't tried any of the new drugs, but I'm convinced that, in my case, if I de-stressed, ate right, exercised, slept well, and got a moderate amount of sun - wouldn't a roof-top solarium be perfect? - my psoriasis would largely disappear.

I've learned to live with my case, but as I see it appearing in my children, and my nieces and nephews, my heart breaks, as it does for everyone with this awful condition.

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seriously jonquil323???

You should have thought of that before deciding to have kids.