Gotta Tell Someone

i have had psoriasis nearly all my life, dr. after dr. just said its nothing to worry about, till last year when my latest dr. discovered that my entire spine was fused, i have or had one vertibret that wasnt fused, but it was severly damaged, in my lower back, the rest all fused together, explains the extreme pain that i thought was in my head, i am stereo installer and i am on my back under dashes a lot, well i was an installer, cant do that anymore, anyway, this has been going on a long time, and it is very painful, i dont know where to get help for finances, evrybody says ssi, and that would be great except you cant be working during the period that you are applying, but after your aproved you can make a little money then,? so in the mean time you cant make a dime, it could take up to year, well the house will be forclosed on long before then, and i am selling things to keep up the payments, and a little part time job that scratch the bills, and they say loose that does anybody know anything about how to survivive the wait time? is panhandling considered a job, ha ha, seriously though, my main source of income is lost from this disease, and i never was a handout person, but i figure i worked very hard all my life and there has to be somthing out there that helps people through, a loan or grant or somthing? if i didnt have this disease, there wouldnt be a problem. does anybody know of help, or if your in a simular situation lets talk, its pretty depressing, thanx. mike
mikethestereoguy mikethestereoguy
Jul 11, 2011