My Healing Process And Quiting The Drug That's Toxic.

10 yrs. ago, I received my Herbal studies certificate & started my herbalism career. Then 4 yrs. after that, I was stricken w/ psoriatic arthritis & did not know that I have it. I was just jogging one day then after that, my knee started to swell & it became really big then painful. For a month I thought I just sprained my knee from jogging then the 2nd month came, my knee still swollen & I've been bed ridden for about 2 months not knowing what I had w/ all the test coming out negative on cancer, rheumatoid, ms, diabetes, lupus, aids etc. so i was sent to a neurologist then she diagnosed me as having psoriatic arthritis due to my head sore ( I only have psoriasis on my head). Then she put me on methotrexite & prednisone. They werent working, I took it for a yr. but it was making me more sick, my white cell blood count dropped so low. Then being an herbalist I decided to do herbs, but nothing was working immediately & potent enough to combat my severe condition. My finger and my toe deformed its shape, I was still in very intense pain, it was hard to move w/out crying. So in result, I went back to my rheaumotologist and stopped going to the holistic doctors. She prescribed enbrel finally a pharmaceutical meds that made me feel normal! but ohhh! the side effects of it sounds scarier than the disease. For 5 yrs. I took enbrel, then I watched this documentary film about Dr. Max Gerson "The Beautiful Truth" the Gerson therapy treatment which I heard of yrs. back during when I was taking my herbal studies. This film reminded me, then I started the procedure of fasting,coffee enema, and juicing. I've been doing juice fasting for every 2 weeks in a month for 6 months now, I am back to normal, & I am free from a deadly drug & what a great feeling that is. This freedom is like my rebirth and my disease helped me become more health conscious.
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I would be interested to know more. I have been on a journey also started with medications. But ended up ditching all of them and I am only doing plant-based diet. Seems to be helping on some levels but I'm positive it will help in the end.