I Just Got The News...

i've been feeling on top of the world lately. i took 2min off my 5km run and broke the 10.00 min mile mark, hiking more often, and enjoying some winter birdwatching to name a few things that have given back some time to myself. i went to the doctors today to talk about some unrelated issues (or so i thought) and then she tells me "well, unfortunately your blood work came back, and you have psoriatic arthritis." i do have guttate psoriasis, but its in remission for the time being (my flare up lasted well over a year and covered less than 9 percent, but if anyone who is suffering even one lesion of psoriasis is too much. ive had it since 2002)
all i can think is that i'm 31 years old, i have been a competative athlete all my life until i had the children (all within the last 4 years), i eat healthy, i exercise, i feel like i am doing everything right...so why this? im awfully confused.
apparently more tests have to be done to determine how much of this has spread and where and to determine which of the 5 types i have. wonderful.
i know i sound like a bummer - i've really been trying to deal with this since 2pm this afternoon, trying to choke down tears to the point where i can't anymore, thank god for bedtimes lol
its a scary thing, this disease - you never know what can come of it. apparently the costrochondritits i am also suffering maybe a secondary issue steming from the PsA. im so young and have pain like an 80 year old. its just not fair.
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it dosent seem fair when you get sick especially with a serious illness and even more unfair is when your actually lookin after yourself! eatin right wokinout ect.. i got diagnosed with ulceritive colitus 2 years ago.. turned my life upside down... out of all my friends i ate the healthiest, excersised daily ,drank very little and had givin up smoken.. and im the one who gets sick, its not fair and nor is life but if everything was perfect we would get bored :).. you have to remain positive and bounce back quickly.. its along road yet and things change everyday. :) goodluck to u

thank you vanlouis for sharing and for your positive vibes. i really appreciate it.
you too, stay fit, have fun and be positive :)

you're not a bummer- you can share the good and bad and in-between stuff!

I do hope that you don't have too much pain. And I pray you don't have the related psoriasis.
I talked with my friend who is a registered massage therapist and she thinks you could certainly get some relief from massage therapy. it's worth asking your doctor about. And keep exercising, it will help.
You are in my prayers.

I do have guttate psoriasis - hence the PsA. I really appreciate the effort of talking to your RMT.

Take care Cindy.

I am very sad to hear of your diagnosis. I don't know much about the disease of psoriatic arthritis, what I do know is that the doctors don't know much about it either. They think it may be hereditary, does anyone else in your family have this condition?
There does appear to be some treatments that do help, and if your doctor was intelligent enough to recognize and make the diagnosis, then I am sure he/she also knows of treatments.
I will keep you in my prayers.

I've reading on it and my doctor(s) are extremely supportive and trustworthy. Ie really lucked out with that to be honest.
No one in my family 3 generations back has psoriasis or psoriatic arthritis, the likelihood of me getting it at one point research said 1%. 10-30% if psoriasis suffers have PsA or will develop it.
Thank you for keeping me in mind. All the best Cindy.