Just One Of The Spirits

I got a lots of psychic abilities. Like read minds, telepath or see the future. I belive in spirits and I think that they are helping me. I am not scared of death. I know that my time will come. After some one near me dies something new happens to me. I discover that I can telepath with people or change some one else mind. They don't know that I telepath whit them. And they don't know I sometimes hear what they are thinking. Sometimes I know whats going to happend before it does. Sometimes I have a dream when I sleep. Then it hapening in real life. Some dreams are strange, you don't know what they mean. But when the right moment comes you know what the dream wanted to tell you. I can also feel other peoples feelings. But I try to shut it out. I am not good of hearing some one else thought but sometimes I can hear them. I am getting better on telepathing, and see the future. I am best on telepathing. I think one of my souls are lost or I have to many. I know when a spirit from a dead person are in an animal. But sometime it is hard to understand what they want to tell me. My mum can also understand the spirits of the dead. When a friend far away died, a white dove flow in from the window and looked at my mom. The spirit of our friend was in that dove to say good bye, and my mom understand it.
I would like to know if there are others out there who has more than one psychic abilities.
Wolf1996 Wolf1996
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1 Response Jul 31, 2010

I also have several pyschic abilities.