I Am Trying to Develop My Psychic Abilities.

I seem to always know if some one is coming up behind me or around the
corner - I  also seen to always know if someone is looking at me.
I don't think it's an instinct or paranoia so I figure it's a psychic ability and
I figure that if I have that bit of psychic ability maybe I have some other
psychic ability's  that I don't know about.
So I try to do assorted things with my mind every now and then.
(no progress yet) Cheers!
Nanoose Nanoose
61-65, M
6 Responses Jan 19, 2008

im trying to develop mine too. i always meditate every day and am currently trying to communicate with my spirit guide! good luck with your journey!

why not join my new development group where we can share experiences, and learn from one another? <br />
RelmsOfLight would love to welcome you !<br />
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Love and Light <br />

I have not had an accident over 30 years but it probably has nothing to do with my physic abilities – it’s because my middle name is Mr. Safety.<br />
<br />
I had forgotten all about this post and I wish I could add an update that I have managed to <br />
levitate a pencil or something like that. <br />
Cheers!<br />
<br />
PS: My middle name isn’t really Mr. Safety.

if you are psychic do you have many accidents.

Good luck with your psychic development. I'm still working on mine. The message that I get very strongly is that meditation is the major key to unlocking this ability. I have had dreams of things that will happen and then they do, but it is not as often as I would like. We are works in progress I suppose.

Keep trying to develope this . I can also feel these things it will come.