Any Pointers As to Where I Hid My Necklace From Myself?

a few weeks ago i lost my celtic cross necklace. i didn't actually misplace it, i put it somewhere where it would be safe from the cat. but my memory is so poor that i have now completely forgotten where i hid it. i miss it.  without having seen it or me it might not be possible for you to tell, but if anyone has any thoughts/feelings/guesses as to where i should look, i'd appreciate it.
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18 Responses Feb 21, 2008

Check your dresser drawers

Once I put a key in that little pocket within the right pocket of my jeans, and went crazy trying to find it. And one time I lost a fork in the gap btw the diswasher and the wall. But I doubt you did that, you sound pretty sharp!

well i stopped looking for it, but it hasn't revealed itself yet. i think the universe might be telling me that i need to clean house :/

check underneath the dresser. like under the drawers.<br />
<br />
-shrugs-<br />
<br />
might not be right, but that was the first thing that popped into my head when i read your story.

the best way for me to find something is for me to stop looking for it

Sometimes I leave my jewelry in the closet or in the bathroom drawer. Maybe in your car too. Good luck.

One thing I always do when I lose my keys, or something, is say this. `Universe, help me find my keys`, and I start looking. I don't think, just start looking around where I may expect to find them. I ask to be led to them. For some reason, every time I do this, I have them in my hands within 5 minutes. Works every time. It`s a freaky little thing, but people that know me, have seen this work! Good luck. <br />
It`s funny how our lost items are always in the last place we look. :)

the first place i thought it was was in my purse, but i emptied it out and checked there twice :( i will try not to think so hard. i just miss it :(

Don't concentrate too hard on thinking about it, just let your mind float past it every now and again.If you are like me I plonk stuff down all over the place absent mindedly. Have you checked pockets to see if you didn't actually get as far as putting it in that safe place?!

we don't have a medicine cabinet, i thought it might be in the organizational wicker box that we keep on the bathroom counter, but i looked all in there. and i have a laptop that lives near the couch, so i don't really have a computer area. it's so frustrating! i wish i could just remember!

what about a dvd case? cd case or wallet?

i'd put something like that in a closet, or medicine cabinet, or around my computer work area, like in the desk. but you've already checked your draws, hmm....

vase...i think all our vases are in storage, but i'll include any i see on my next sweep

In a vase?

hmm. bookshelves. i will check again.

Bookshelf, upper/middle shelves, *behind* the books.<br />
<br />
(possibly shoulder height?)<br />
<br />

the only drawers we have are kitchen drawers and clothes drawers....not in the jewelry box or purse....i haven't checked the cabinets, we do have some kitchen and some bathroom ones...i'll check those tomorrow....

a drawer (in a desk)? jewelry box? pocket? cabinet?