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i am extreamly sensitive to the energy around me, i can even see it flowing. lately everything has just felt wrong. something different and just plain wrong feeling is comeing. it feels like a creature but dosnt have a mind, if that makes sense. like it dosnt have a counsious mind ir its too alien for me to feel. i cant get anything more specific than that at this moment. so, everyone please be careful, what ever this thing is, if its a demon or other type of physic nastie, it will target the sensitive. i dont know what it is or why its comeing here but everything this energy touch just...decays. im truthfuly scared, so watch your back and keep physcic children close, because they are easy targets. lets hope this thing changes corse! (just a friendly warning from your nabiorhood parinoid conspericey theroist:)
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good luck!

I am The War's Word. I coined the name for myself because i go with the flow of warfare philsophy and change it for my better. I believe firmly that a army of tens of million isnt nessary. I am very close to the entity you speak of surrounding the atmosphere. It is one old soul. In theory according to it's libraries people can learn to become at least as strong enough to duplicate the effect. The being itself can cut through several realities and create a "gate" This is probably the "keshik you speak of. But i know for sure ba<x>sed on my own philsophical and astral testing that people can project themselves into millions of part given enough energy. If you say that being is only a bodyguard then we have basicly unlimited energy if we can convert it. It won't take much to get it going. I know that we are bringing in more spealict warriors of the astral world into human bodies. Each warrior trained to mirror this entity. Mirroring it and causes the power to be magnified depending on the warrior in said desc<x>ription at least a hundred fold. They will a highly synchronized force. If one is blocked off or in warfare the others can know real time. Suddenly each human being is plugged into this "grid" the brain becomes a computer and things become mechanical to a degree. Each warrior capable of fighting. The catch is though these warriors are highly sensitive to the energy. i am one such of these warriors. We astrally have to concoon ourselves to keep us from our astral bodies being contaminated. We are large beings and a little interference does us bad. I am working on createing a astral plain strictly for warriors. I will help train them into combat readiness. I suspect what you sense is coming within a month of my post. The warfare won't happen for at least 4 more years on large massive scale. until 2016 ish time. To get the proper warriors and everything set in place.

yum? could be residue from multple unsavory cretures or a prank

My Internet Support Provider with Weird News came up with this story from Anchorage, Alaska last week August 3?, 2011. That in a large parameter up there, they found a mysterious Orange Goo in the Harbor and other areas, like rain water buckets. Something that the place claims have never had this kind of thing ever happen before and they yet don't know what it is or where it came from. The stuff is in investigation, so any answers for this deal is yet pending on this.

that is toataly true chakra! glad to find a conspirecy theorist after my own heat:) and biya, regular people are also a target, its just they cant protect themselves

My meaning to "like in the world" isn't spiritual stuff. It is real human stuff. Elites those people that are rich and have more control of this world in its affairs. They have secret technology to zap our atmosphere with these frequencies. The frequencies can make us hear and feel strange things in our heads and give us headaches. They can change the air pressure and air qualities that effect us. They can us technology to effect us.

like in the world? what does it mean for the regular people like us? :)

wat we are saying is that there are some bad phscic nasties out there and we are forming a group to protect ourselves and others:)

Much better way of saying it.

I think the Evil side of our Universe has got its clearance to mess with us now. Our protection of Evil is being taken away from us. The Sun's Solar Flairs are magnifing, Evil Elites (In Our World) we don't know about are using Evil Frequencies (H.A.A.R.P. Facilities) in this world to mess with us with and some things like Evil Spirits got a fesiesta for them right now to mess with us. And it looks like it. And what do we have to avoid all this? I'm not sure. I don't care to get my head into some of this strainge doctrines here though. It's too much over my head.

Are you addressing this subject seriously? While perhaps more extreme and specific what you describe is extremely close to what I am describing.

I explain it in detail here

whats all this about? im so confused :S

i know digger. i dnt attack, i defend myself when im attacked. and i know how dangerous they are. i have lost alot and i know the danger. and yes i can shape my energy into sheilds and wepons. and im more attached to the Hindu goddess Kali if anything. everyone has an animal in there soul, some are just more afrount than others. and i have 5 people with me, all stationed in sandeigo

I have started a new page to help organize a resistance network<br />
<br />
<a href="" target="ep_blank">EP Link</a>

Click the link above if you are interested. You are all invited.

Scilent if you get a chance look up Mayan Jaguar Gods and see if any of them resonate with you.<br />
<br />
Trilopa, if you are better at sensing people, it might be helpful to practice energy work. I can give you some of the basics if you want.<br />
<br />
Scilent, do you know how to shield, or build psychic weapons? And how many people do you have fighting with you?<br />
<br />
P.S. You realize how dangerous the enemy is, right? They can not only smash your psychic body but permanently destroy it if you become a threat to them and they get you where they want you. They might target friends and relatives in the physical to get at you.<br />
<br />
(By the way, here is a trick they use: One of their primary methods is to convince confident people that the forces of evil can be easily and permanently defeated, and to convince people with low self esteem that they can have no effect in the conflict. If it seems too easy, they have probably set it up for you and are feeding off of your attacks (they do this often). You will be able to truly feel when you are in conflict with them and it is terrifying.) If a creature has convinced you that it is invulnerable, however, it is likely because it is actually very weak. However, there is stuff in the middle levels of their chain of command and above which is powerful enough to be effectively invlunerable to a few psychics.<br />
<br />
Within this solar system they have forces equivalent in strength to eighty million well-trained, deeply practiced psychic warriors, and more coming with the force that is on it's way. The advantage, however, is that they are fighting all across the cosmos. Although they have by far the upper hand in this solar system they are still fighting numerous different conflicts within it on numerous different planes. Thus, they use what is known in the military as the "tactics of first resort". Having to manage resources over such a wide field they attempt to overcome problems with as little resources as possible, and only when they become a huge annoyance to they attempt to overwhelm them. <br />
<br />
I used to command a group of more than 50 people in a guerilla war against them. We lost but we did them some damage. I am good for strategy.<br />
<br />
P.S. Don't screw with the agenda of anything appreciable unless you want a large scale fight on your hands. There will come a time for going after crystals when we have enough people.<br />
<br />
And once again, how many people will fight with you, and can you give me a basic explanation of their powers? I am trying to keep track of a world-spanning network of astral warriors that is starting to balloon?

and i agree i am also spiritual and i pray quite alot

im in santa barbra and i have friends in sandeigo who are already aware and fighting. i get attacked alot because my aura atracts physcic nasties so haveing them on my side helps

I think I can feel energy, but moreso with the people around me, especially the ones that I am close to. I don't mean to preach, and I am not religious, but I am spiritual, and I think we can change everything through prayer - doesn't have to be a sermon, just a simple sincere prayer, like a child asking for help when needed - if everyone does it we can change the energy of the world and make everything better

If I had a good plan, would you be interested in helping with what I described?

There are all sorts of things around, by the way. something might be coming to YOUR neck of the woods specifically, that is a little more manageable than the things that are coming long term.

Sorry to clutter up the board but it won't let me message you in private

And do you have anyone else you can trust who might fight by your side?

I am in Colorado Springs. What city are you nearest (it is better if we do not share exact locations. We can't tell what we don't know)

This fits in very well with what I know.<br />
Ok, well the Jaguar thing is what I call a Shard. A lot of people involved in this have Shards. It means that a very powerful being has "marked" your soul, imparting you with a special psychic nature. It doesn't make you better or more powerful than anyone else, just different, but more likely to be involved in psychic phenomenons (and therefore be more powerful through practice)<br />
<br />
I am looking at Mayan Jaguar Gods who may have "Sharded" you. But there are tons. I imagine your Shard will "tell" you if you look at a list and find the right one.

okay. well i am an empath, i can see energy flow and auras, im a strong pyscic, i have some control over elemental forces, i can heal, and i have a...being...shareing my soul so i turn into a jagure astral warrior(no kidding). i dont have alot of control over theese abilities because im only sixteen. its not as cool as it sounds. please dont scoff at me, i swear on the ancient runes of elder falkhart that im telling the truth.

When I say I am Sharded, btw, that does not MAKE ME the Archangel Michael, its sort of like being blessed by a being. I think a person can only have one Shard (I would have preferred Thor :-))

Scilent, I led a militia of over 50 people against them and lost...but did them damage.<br />
<br />
I imagine we could set up something similar over the internet, almost like a benevolent terrorist organization on the astral, comprised of a series of 4-5 person cells in different physical locations which can come together if necessary. We need organization, but not necessarily hierarchical leadership (dictatorial hierarchy is a meme imposed by the enemy). We need structure, communication, ideas, and strategy.<br />
We need to share information, and put together a list of our resources. Whoever wants to volunteer for a campaign against the beings I described (not to start immediately) should make it clear and share a psychic profile of their strengths and weaknesses<br />
<br />
Digger1649: Background: Norse Pagan<br />
Sharding (special connection positive memes branded on a soul... an aspect of their power...not having one doesn't make you less special or powerful but many involved in the conflict have them): The Seraphim Michael (for some reason)<br />
Psychic experience: Since I could walk and talk. About 20 years.<br />
Psychic warfare experience: 9 years<br />
Other: Practice psychic techniques heavily every day and am therefore very strong compared to your average Joe.<br />
You might be interested to know that: The weaker members of the astral forces we are up against can be caused temporary pain by many Beatles song (I am not kidding), especially "Here comes the sun" and "let it be" I assume other music that exudes positive affects them in a similar way.<br />
<br />
A Volunteer I have contact with at EP's "I am a demon hunter" page: Trainee, new to the psychic world. Previous experience limited, mainly meditation. There are also several people there I could call in as "consultants"<br />
<br />
We need a large portfolio detailing a system of organization for dozens of members before we act.

One thing is to discover a way to track down their crystals in the physical and smash them with a hammer. They use tens of thousands of crystals crystals (heavily guarded in the astral, it would take hundreds of us to go after one directly) to set up resonating frequencies which prevent us from connecting to the divine and lock us into static cycles of suffering. I am told that if I were in the same room with a negative energy resonating crystal and looking for it, I would be able to sense it in a heartbeat.<br />
<br />
The problem is that there are some here, some on Aldarath, and I don't understand where the physical counterparts would be, and some on other worlds in the solar system that couldl only be attacked with an army of human astral warriors.

um well we can try to form a group of aware physcics who keep tabs on one another, help eachother and try to protect those who cant protect themselves....(gosh that sounds so stupid, but its all i can think of....)

It doesn't sound stupid at all this is exactly what I am building. A "Psychic Militia"

We have to get at their crystals. Not easy.

well, maybey we can hinder it a little like digger said. if we suport eachother and try to protect ourselves and others maybey we can do something

Well, we would have to raise an army of psychic warriors. I am talking tens of millions. To think that we could win with anything less is delusion (and by win I mean drive them off the eart) Obviously this would be difficult. But we can at least hurt and inconvenience them, destroy weak entities like Shadows, and try to find and destroy the crystals they use as a primary (and difficult to replace) tool to spread negative energy, although taking out a single one is never easy, there are thousands or tens of thousands, they are well protected, and they are not irreplaceable, merely difficult to replace. <br />
<br />
I am talking about psychic warfare against beings capable of doing permanent psychic or psychological harm, and even hurting or killing us or our loved ones in the physical. This is not something to be undertaken lightly.

You are absolutely right, it is not something to be taken lightly at all. Ideally we would need to raise that great of an army, however it may not be possible. This seems like a small number compared to the worl population and i know everyone can develop their abilities but how many actually aknowledge them. Obviously we all do but how many actually are there? I've had to battle a few things in my life and it seemed like a never ending battles but they were defeated. I always ask for a sheild of protection everyday so those that try to attack are either not able to or not to the full extent. I'm just wondering what else can we do?

so, what can we do about it? we semse it and can more or less protect ourselves but what about everyone else?

Never played civilization. More importantly and less childishly the term is also Mongolian for "Warlord who kills at a distance" or something of the like. It is a rank and specialty under Khan and has been in use for several thousand years. Don't be a moron, really. Civilization? My guess would be, they are probably referring to the Mongolian rank IN civilization. Do a little research before you start spouting this crap; apparently you are in front of the computer memorizing terms from video games for 90% of the time anyway, maybe some terms from history might help.<br />
<br />
Separate issue but I am also a history teacher and it gets my goat when I see the kind of vast ignorance when pla<x>yers don't know even the most basic things about the historical sources of video game ideas WHEN THE VIDEO GAME, AT LEAST ACCORDING TO WIKIPEDIA, TAKES PLACE IN HISTORY!!!!!<br />
<br />
I would point out that the term "Lucifer" appears in the Bible as a reference to a king, as well as a reference to the demon.<br />
<br />
I have heard Kesh'k and Kesk and Geshek as names for the same being. Perhaps you would prefer one of those because it does not have an unfortunately coincidential set of letters.<br />
<br />
Come up with a term that has not been used in some myth, story, or game, and you are probably deliberately inventing it to do so.<br />
<br />
I have also heard the term "Aldarath" in connection with demons. Turns out that Aldarath shows up in a series of computer code lists buried in the internet. Did it ever occur to you that perhaps the beings which can influence human thought and desire to be our future masters want us to be familiar with these words? Really a childish thing to gripe over, but pick whatever pronunciation you want. Call him the big marshmellow if you want, I don't even know what Kesh'k is supposed to mean. I just know that it is the thing you are all talking about.<br />
<br />
Really, "that can't be a thing, somebody else used the word"<br />
<br />
I don't know when civilization came out but the first time I heard the word Kesh'k in the astral it was 1992. <br />
<br />
If you calling the term "from civilization" then you obviously don't have a very strong historical background. Let's not be childish about these things.

The ability of positive energy forces to hold the field on earth proper has decreased significantly in the past few thousand years or so, and the influence which evil forces can have on humanity in increasing dramatically with time. Plan after plan of theirs makes the situation more dire, and it would take tens of millions of trained psychic warriors to destroy their forces or drive them off entirely.

My belief from experience is that there is a great conflict going on across the cosmos between beings that want to use negative energy to trap us in static cycles of suffering because they fear the universe moving to a higher stage, and those that wish to relieve suffering and encourage spiritual growth. The latter has retreated from this world for the most part (but not totally) out of military necessity (the battle is taking place across the entire cosmos, and is roughly tied). There are all ready a great many evil beings on this world and within this system, shadows, demons, and psychic projections created by creatures from worlds controlled by the Shroud/The Unification (the bad guys) which influence and corrupt people in order to turn us away from truth and increase suffering, but a new one called the Keshik (spelling?) is coming which terrifies even them. Not like an enemy, but the way you work harder when Corporate is doing an inspection. My understanding is that the forces here now are like the local cops, and Keshik's forces are like marines, far more efficient at any given level of strength in the psychic world.<br />
<br />
The number one danger is to overestimate your abilities. A lot of people accept it when the demons feed them delusions of grandeur, telling them in the name of good that they are better than everyone else, and deluding them into psychically attacking "painted targets". The enemies already here are fierce and intense and their resources are vast. If you feel like you are always winning, like they can't even touch you, look around, you may find yourself swinging at invisible ninjas with a row of demons laughing at you. Be careful, target crystals that resonate negative energy, they are well-guarded and difficult to destroy but it is the best way to hurt them long term. They can turn your psychic body to mush, attack you in the physical, or even poison your Chakras to permanently destroy your psychic body ("Kundalini") at least effectively, it would take ten years of constant work to heal from this so don't let it happen. By the way, the Keshik is coming on the winter solstice of 2012 or thereabouts but not because of some Mayan prophecy. If you look at a star chart you will find the earth and sun aligned perfectly with the galactic center, creating a sort of doorway that facilitates the travel of a large number of beings. The battle, however, is already going on against the forces here, which in and of themselves are vast.

There is no such thing as the Keshik. The Keshik is a term derived from a video game called Civilization, by Firaxis. Please do not spread such BS here. This is a rather serious matter at hand and is NOT to be taken lightly or laughed at.

We are NOT role-playing either. I am tired of seeing people coming on here spreading such nonsense.... when it is clear that they are role-playing....

Keshik is not a term from civilization It is a Mongolian word meaning "Bodyguard of a great leader, who slays at a distance"

(From Ghenghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World, by Jack Weatherford)

I heard the term before I knew it meant this, so I don't know if there is a connection, if the word was chosen because it is an accurate description of this being's position, or if it is just coincidential (given the finite number of 2-syllable combinations and the extensive number of languages in human history, it is estimated that between 85-89 percent of two-syllable combinations are not unique or original. Indeed it would be more likely to be crap if it had showed up nowhere, as that means 9 times out of 10 that the person check to make SURE the word hadn't been used before.

I understand that you are not roleplaying, and neither am I. In fact, I am surprised and dissapointed, given the seriousness of the matter, that you did not do enough research to find the actual source of the term. What I am tired of is people dealing with intuition rather than fact, as intuition is just as likely to be granted by something that wants you to suffer as something that wants you to succeed. If you don't bother with enough research to find the actual source of the name, how do you expect to learn anything about this situation that the thing that is "coming" doesn't want you to know?

My apologies. I tried researching it a bit, but mind you I am in the midst of working a long work week. All I could find in my short free time was mentionings of the Civilization game. I saw nothing about the Mongolian references to the term.

I do not think it is the Keshik or whatever that are coming. From what I am gathering, it is a hoard of demons. And the heavens are already preparing for it. And this is taken from the energies I gathered from the atmosphere. I have not felt anything out of the ordinary (IE: an alien or some other pressure from an unknown entity), just a heightened and extremely escalated amount of both angelic and demonic energies combined.

Mind you, I have felt their EVIL, and it is strong, but it is not anything I have not felt before in the past.

Are you under the impression that psychic entities only reside within this solar system?

Yes, a hoard of Demons. I agree entirely. These ARE known entities, just more of them coming. All I am saying, is that there is one they are afraid of that they call Keshik.

Perhaps a bodyguard for their leadership?

by the way I am sorry I was so hostile at first, I just felt insulted.

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Yes, I understand that completely. It honestly feels like if we need to be preparing for battle. The headaches I get too... I've had a headache for the last 3 months... No known causes is what the doctors say but i already know the cause. Much like how the barametric pressure affects people with arthritus, etc. My headaches come when the spiritual presence "pressure" changes, generally when the field strengthens. Since I am an empath, much of what I get comes by feeling first and then visuals or sounds or I'll hear a voice as if someone is communicating with me. I definitely feel something is coming... AND SOON!

My headaches are off and on. It has not been consistent, but definately more frequent. However, I get headaches because I can FEEL the changes in the barametric pressure from these strong entities. Most of the time it has been demonic, but on occassion I will feel something that is neutral or good, but is just releasing a lot of energy. The pressure gets to my head, and causes a crushing feeling and a massive headache. Almost like a feeling of stagnant air around you, but you can still breathe, it just gives you a headache, and the pressure from that stagnant air makes it even worse.

Forgot to mention: At times the PRESSURE has gotten so bad (the spiritual pressure, mind you) that it has made me want to vomit and almost pass out and get dizzy from the massive pressure from a strong entity's spiritual energy alone....

I know that feeling... I have on occasion had fainting spells due to the headaches and this has been since around ten years old. Had brain scans and nothing is wrong. I understand the stagnant air feeling though. Trust me, I understand the headaches and causes completely.

For me, a lot of the energy and demonic activities escalated at the end of 2009 and into early 2010, and has discipated quite a bit since. I was getting attacked quite a bit during that time by dark entities (demons). I did a deliverance and it keeps most of them at bay, but I have not felt anything in the "air" so to speak for awhile.<br />
<br />
This seems to be the calm before the storm. I think something is coming, but this is the calm before it happens.... get my drift?? But it is a rather uneasy feeling... even with the calm we have now. Kind of like that feeling that something WILL happen, and VERY soon. Not the whole 2012 deal necessarily, but definately.... something....<br />
<br />
I have felt like I have had to prepare for something since getting more in tune with my psychic abilities and, even with the demonic influence two years back, it only felt like God or somebody was preparing me for the REAL battle..... which is about to happen.<br />
<br />
I think it is coming soon. Before the end of the month. I can already feel its pressure in the atmosphere..... and it surrounds the whole globe, not just where I am at. Giving me a headache too, mind you..... one bad thing about being so sensitive to energies like this, is that it often gives me headaches when the power is a strong entitie.... whether good or bad. What I feel right now is uneasy, but like it is a mix of good and bad. Perhaps the battle is about to start??

I don't think you are crazy and I know what you are talking about. Spiritual activity has picked up a lot and I too have the feeling something is coming. It's like being told "prepare for battle" which would make me believe this is a spiritual "holy" war. You be careful too my dear. :)

really? good it means im not crazy(er):) but it also means its not limited to one area

I don't know what to think. But this describes a bit what I have noticed lately also.