I Know What You Have Done

Okay, let me start off by saying that I am an empath. I'm not sure when it started or if it has always been a part of me. As much as I enjoy having this ability, it really can be a pain sometimes. But I'm not going to get into that now.

The thing that sets me apart from most is my other, stronger ability. I've only ever heard of one other person who can do this so, if you can too I'd love to hear about your experiences. Anyway, when I touch someone, when my skin comes into contact with theirs, I get 'flashes' of their past. Usually it's just a quick glimpse into some random memory that I see in third person. But I've discovered, with permission from an old friend that, if the contact continues I can see further and deeper into a persons past. Sometimes future, but not usually. With that old friend I was able to actually reach back into one of their past lives. That was later confirmed by someone more adept in past life regression than myself.

Over time I've been able to learn to 'shut it down' for a small amount of time. As well as growing strong enough, for want of a better term, to be able to 'recreate' a persons energy and do a long distance reading.
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This is an interesting ability, reminds me of that movie "The Green Mile" where the big black prisoner had the same mental ability. He had that and a healing ability also (if you've ever seen the movie). But anyways I've only experienced telepathy and paranormal stuff so if you have any more info on this type of stuff it would be cool to know more.

That's really cool. I would love to be able to do that. Instead I dream or see visions that may or may not come true. Is there a name for that? A half psychic? Lol

Yeah alright, I guess you should take James Randy Educational Fundation million dollar challenge then if you're a real psychic. Easy prove you're a psychic and receive a check of 1 million dollar.
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Obviously you didn't read what I wrote. My ability works through touching someone. And I can only see that persons life.

Second, what gives you any write to define what I should, or should not be able to do? Attacking people as you just did is not very becoming of any decent person. I know you can do better than this.


And I'm just giving you advices so you can make some pretty good money with your talent ! DOn't hate !

If that was indeed your true intent, then thank you. But I have no want for money; it means nothing to me.

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hay i have the same thing accept i dont have to touch people i can just look at them i cant go into a past life or anything but i can read their past and if someone is close to them like a family member or partner i can see there past through them even if there far away

yes i do have a lot of interest,but i have to keep it as a secret at home...i do sometimes spend my time reading about them...i like it,sometimes i wish i had this psychic powers,so that i could help a lot of people around who are in need...

Such abilities may be harmful even with the best of intentions. Takes a lot of practice, research and personal experience :/

its good to read your story...things like this draws me a lot dont know why...

Do you have an interest in psychic phenomenon?

im an empath also... its intresting since im only 13 but you and i can do the same thing. when i was 8, i found out about my abilities and i controled them since today. it was difficult but it only works if i can concentrate on that person. i dont need to touch them. all i need is to look at them and concentrate and i can see anything about them.

Wow, that's pretty strong then. Are you able to block the information?

Psychometry is a great gift. I have never been successful with people, and it's not really a skill I have nurtured, but it has happened to me a couple of times with small ob<x>jects, and once with a wall.

Honestly it all started with just experimenting, seeing if I could. Then the proverbial flood gates opened. For months I actually had to wear gloves because I couldn't touch anything or anyone without an overwhelming array of sensations bombarded me.