Psychic Abilities

Psychic abilities,
I ‘ave ‘em,
I’ve experiencd,
Future events,
Seen them happen,
Before my eyes,
Scary as hell,
You know it’s deadly,
Nothing you can do,
No one listens,
‘Til it’s too late,
Then they wonder why.
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3 Responses Apr 2, 2012

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Time tripping is very painful. We can get trapped in the paradoxes when we are still centered in linear causal thought until the emotional energy that sent us spinning out these bubble universes exhausts itself. I spent what seemed like eons extracting myself from them (before I discovered meditation, the Void is your friend).<br />
<br />
Treat visions as guidance. The map is not the territory. If you are attached to the idea the future is fixed, it will be so. Drop all attachments and you will find serenity.

I agree. Though I'm still struggling with the attachment part. I have to be attached to this reality, and to who I am to ever find my way back, right? In an absolute void there is no self... I'm still attached to this self. I have things I will do here, still.

I agree.

I can say from my experience that the phenomenon of time tripping is in some fashion a metaphor of avoiding the now and here. The experience is literal for you, but it is also speaking to you beyond words and points in the direction of dissolving whatever the duality is that drives one to dissociate from the present.

It would be unusual (but not impossible) for one to decide not to return to their life, as it is, after experiencing the infinite Void. You will realize the true nature of self and not-self and re-emerge after the death &amp; rebirth process with plenty of habits intact. You can have faith that any such perceived "flaws" in your nature are for your benefit.

The phrase "nothing to do, nowhere to go" is apt at this point. The practice of sitting in zazen (no goal, no judgement) helps us find our original nature as the Observer and become more confident in the transition across the discontinuity of the Absolute.

I hope this makes sense. I can clarify using a different perspective if that helps.


I'm listening, and I hear you.<br />
<br />
I've seen the future too. Don't time travel forward, it's extremely dangerous. :(<br />
<br />
Stay in our common reality, please. I understand you, and for this reason we both need each other. Don't go forward!! <br />
<br />
Just remember: Slow down, and you are loved and therefore you are safe.

I agree.

Ahh, that's wonderful. It's been so long since someone did without having to further qualify myself. &lt;3