Paranormal Psychic Abilities

Hi my name is PRESLEIGH

I live in California I lived with my family in La Jolla my life want be a ghost hunter since my hole life I had
My first experience when I was a 19 right now I'm 22 years old I'm still seen
Shadows footsteps voices I took photo at the window I saw this blue monster in the window I took another photo
It was not there that's wried because this monster looks like a blue Demond because it had black eyes
With a light blue skin with pointing ears he had a black long hair so yea it freak me out &
In La Jolla at the bike path next the church I saw this little kid shadow is a little boy he might be 7 or 8
years old I have 2 names it came up to me name Aj Or Mitchell that's only 2 names it cam up this little boy had
Dark brown hair with brown eyes I thinks he white or mexican every time I walk my 2 dogs I will see this little boy playing
Hide go seek or playing peek boo so yeah I think I have a paranormal gift because I seen ghost when I was 19 years old no I'm not making those names up it just came to me in 2007 in may 3 I have a little ghost girl in my house her name is MADELINE M how I know that because I saw her name in my dreams last couple days went by it was 8:39 pm I forgot what day is was because it went so fast because my mom took my brother go somewhere it was just me with 2 dogs my dogs were sleeping that time around
8:39 pm so I lock my doors okay all the windows were lock even the doors it's just me withe dogs no one alse
I had a wried strange feeling that's was someone was there with me so I turn in my right hand side I swear to
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May 14, 2012