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Hey guys! I posted on here a while ago and you guys really helped me. I was wondering if you could help me again. Neither of my parents are psychic, so I didn't exactly get a how to book. And they don't even know, believe me I tried to tell my mom, but it did not work out.
Anyway, my visions come in many forms. Is that normal? It all started when I was thirteen and about to go into high school. This was the worst time possible because, well, we've all been thirteen and different. I had a dream that came true. Later on, however, I started getting these hunches. Then I got hypersensitivity. And now I'm having dreams again along with hunches and hypersensitivity. So that's my first question: Is that normal?
My second question is how do I control it? I never know what is a vision and what isn't. I've tried just trusting in my abilities, but it hasn't helped much. There was one time when I wanted to hear a song on pandora so I clicked next and it came on. I clicked next because I wanted to hear it, not because I was tired of the current song. But I tried it again for a different song and it didn't work. So my second question is: How do I control them--the visions and the hypersensitivity?
I'm really confused here and it means so much to me that you read this! If you have any ideas, please comment. Thank you so much!!
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Thank you! That helps a lot!

Psychic abilities are usually extensions of our senses. Visions are extensions of sight for example. It is difficult to control your abilities, for example, I know when something good or bad will happen but not when or what, I can't control it. I can control my Personality Sensor as I like to call it. I can sense someones personality, though not 100% accurate. As you can see, these 2 abilities are also extensions of senses, namely sensing, the sixth sense.