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Telepathic Visions And Future Visions

Since 2007; I've had a lot of telepathic visions in the morning; I can see what the person is doing at that moment. Also it sometimes happens when I take a nap in the afternoon. The very first year of ep; I had a vision of one of ep member doing something while I just woke up from my nap. I could sense someone from ep. I saw that person's face even though he hadn't sent me of picture of himself until a day later; and my vision of him was right. He was using the computer at that time, and when I checked my ep mail, I got message from him.
Also, I had a vision of someone else; but he's not on ep. He had a dark hair, and white skin. I have never met that person in life or saw him on ep. I had two telepathic visions of him. Once, he was talking to someone on his coffee break, and, recently, he was entering someone's office. I've had few visions of people I never met before which is weird.

Also, I have precognitive visions which is when you see what's going to happen before it happens. It usually happens right before I sleep, but sometimes, I see them when I'm awake. my visions are usually boring like walking in the park, going to the store, and seeing my family. nothing sad or trouble. 
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Lena, first, do not take this wrong, I have good intentions. Consider that a spirit is manipulating your thoughts. This is never a good thing. It can be working its way into your existence slowly. You should get anointed. Just an opinion.

...and 1,100 other religions would disagree with you.

Yes, agreed. Lena. I do not know anything about real psychic ability. But I do know about anointing. It does not take long, look into it. One thing about anointing is that you command any dark or evil spirit back to where it came from - i.e., away from you. So, if this is what is going on, you get rid of that bad spirit. No worries if you have a "light" or good spirit involved... or if it is a natural ability (I know nothing of). All anointing will do is - *if* they exist in your life - eliminate all dark spirits from your existence, and send them back to where they came from. If your religious stance does not agree with this, then so be it. If you are neutral, then again - just an opinion - why not use tools that others know about, to eliminate anything that *might* be involved which is dark. If it is dark or evil, I think it can be agreed, you don't want it.

I have them while I'm awake at all times I tend to zone out its like watching TV people think I'm having some kind of health issue its very disturbing to me

:( i am sorry. I find my psychic abilities kicks in when i am stressed.

Did this come to you naturally or was it something you learned ?
Do you have to meditate to see future events or do they come spontaneously?
Do you see things like a tv screen or is it a 'knowing?
Thanks !

they come naturally, and spontaneously. I haven't getting a lot of them lately. I believe by following my intuitions all the time, I have developed the ability to see the future or what's happening at the moment. it's like tv :-) I can see what's happening

Have you ever seen events that later occurred you see things on a personal level like......birth of a child or national events like .....9/11, election results etc........
Do you see future events like who will be president after Obama, earth changes, wars ?

It's about my life. my psychic ability is able to see where I am going to be in the next few days, weeks or months. once in a while, right before we wake up, I can see someone doing something while I am waking up. usually I know the people.

I am glad to hear I am not the only one that was wide awake.

I would love to chat with you more about this

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That is so cool. That would be a neat ability to have but it could be bothersome too.

If you stretch out the period between awake and sleep you can get more visions and insight. It can also lead to lucid dreaming. I have been psychic since I was a very young kid, but it's strengthened over the past few months since my brother passed.

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I'm not a psychic medium. So therefore I can not channel people to let you know this. What I can say is this.......

For all the things I have experienced since childhood, there is not a doubt in my mind that there is an after life.

My brother who was my best friend and only close family member passed away in January this year. He was almost 33 years old. He has been sending me signs from the afterlife almost daily since he passed.

There are so many signs that love ones send us to let us know they are with us. A quote I love is that "some things have to be believed to be seen". Open your mind and your heart and your loved ones will come to you.

I have been practising meditation in hopes to communicate clearer with him. I can feel his energy and at times see it, but I have yet to work out a communicative method.

I'm sorry to hear of all the loss you've experienced and I hope that you are able to find answers to your questions. God bless you <3

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You take care

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Do you chant god's name or what??

No. They just happen naturally. My senses are open to the other people's spirits. We are all coonected to people, and some of us are connected more to each other.

I will recommend you a website.

You could be connection with some old souls from a past life regression byway, I know that is a powerful channel have.

Wow! That is some talent and thanks so much of sharing.

I wouldn't say a talent. it's a gift

That is a good thing that you enjoy your gift as knowing the core of every person i meet and can know good from bad person from it, is my way to live my life. I couldn't find a single person who not fake and that did made me without friends so that is all and sorry for the whole writing about my issues :). Take care always.

Maybe you tell who I am, my name is Bobby Lee

sweet.. this is just the topic i hoped to find when joining EP. -then i got distracted. i have replies to write and stories to read for background on friends.. but i will be returning to this soon. i really hope to get some understanding of this very strange .. but very fu@&'n real occurrence i have only admitted to myself was real over the last two years.. but have experienced for so much longer.


i do that too. not all the time just now and then.also sometimes the event doesn't happen untill weeks or months later.i had a vision of my grand mother dying on janruary 12but it didn't happen till a year later on janruqary 12th.

This is a gift you have been blessed with.

Wow, you are very fortunate


I have foresight. It usually happens within an hour or even 8 before something happens. Sometimes it just comes out of nowhere and its within 5 to 10 minutes. Lights also go out when I pass em and this happens a lot. Not sure that the light thing is about but people I think have abilities that we are not aware of and that we have but just don't know how to use.

That would be an awesome talent to have.

I could do with a bit of telepathy in the workplace right now, but seriously this is very interesting. Has it become just a way of life for you, and how do you feel about this gift?

we all humans have ESP, u have stronger, may it guide you its best!!!!!!!!!!!!


Brilliant , can you see me ?

not yet :-)

See me soon lol

Very interesting....

nice.. i would like to know more about this.

That's pretty cool
I dreamt the future like a few weeks ahead only once in my life
And was pretty amazed when it all feel into place
But it was a once off experience.

I've heard of this phenomena, but I've never really met anyone that was able to use such abilities... Can you explain more..?

Sometimes, as I wake up, I get vision about people and what they,re doing at the same time as I wake up. Sometimes, as I fall asleep, I see vision of what's going to happen in few days, weeks, months and sometimes a year. Visions is what I will be doing like going to the stories, seeing my siblings and their families, and going to visit them at their houses

Well from where I come from, abilities like this are seen as natural gifts and it sure isn't what you should be worried about.. As we are human beings, one could safely refer to our species has the highest developed beings in the world of matter.. Owing to our nature we term to possess numerous refined abilities that transcends the gross material world to much finer environment which obviously, defiles the very idea of time and space..
Let us take for example, the ability of clairaudience, you will notice that such phenomenon is very uncommon yet this ability through meditation can without prejudice be nurtured and developed.. Best of all is your ability to see through dreams an event yet to occur in the future even when in the giant mechanism of the universe had in its justice set the event in motion..
In all this, I'm not saying you can in anyway utter the future but one thing is certain. History always repeats itself.. And this abilities is meant to redirect mankind towards realizing that we stand above what we eat and wear.. So just like I said earlier on, I have meant more than ten different people who have psychic abilities but in different fields.
A resent encounter I had was with a man who had the knowledge of the healing powers of herds and from my interview with him he said when someone comes to him with a problem regarding health issues, when he sleeps, he is shown in a dream what type of plants can be used to treat the illness.
Another is said to be able to taste music as if it had flavour
While another just like a trans or an assumed day dreaming sees event before they happen.
In all this, it would be equally safe and not out of place, if we ponder awhile on this question. Which is, how is it possible that a blind man who to us have never been able to use his two physical eyes before, when he sleeps he dreams and in his dream, does he sees..?
A man of 35 years after loosing his legs as a result of an accident that almost claimed his life, when he sleeps, in his dreams his legs are complete without any form of distortion whatsoever..
When pastors tell of prophecy and command the crippled to walk we call it a miracle and in this happenings, science is yet to find a good explanation to justify this event..
Yet all this happen as a sign that we are more than just food, clothes and water..
Nurture this gift in humility dear friend for who knows, the survival of our race may depend on it one day..
We already have psychic detectives which to me is a welcome development in the fight against crime. We need all we can to help ailing mankind for a time may come when politics and the economy will fail. Then we shall then turn to the few who still are in close connection with the radiations of the universe for guidance. Then man will learn that we are only a part of this universe not the owners and as such adjust in furthering creation not destroying it for personal interest.
May you find strength as you in humility stand for what is both noble and just.. Thanks for sharing your experience

Prover it to me..

I've had things like this happen but go not such an extent. Visions of places and people. I also get uneasy feelings prior to events happening.

they're getting stronger. once in awhile, I get them when I am fully awake

Wow. That's amazing. I visited a psychic years ago and the first thing they said to me was " you can see". I've never pushed the ability though.

I believe listening to my intuitions developed my psychic abilities.

Can you have a vision of us becoming friends on EP?

Maybe you can see me in my pretty dress while I am posting this comment. O you can tell me what color top I have on or color of my skirt. Then I will know you are psychic.